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Photography Jobs – The Art and Science of Photography

Great photography is a vital element in many fields, including medical and scientific research. Aerial wildlife studies are common in Florida, where the photographer uses helicopters to study the population of manatees and other creatures. Insurance companies also rely on photographers to evaluate buildings and homes for damage and repair, so they must have clear, high-quality photographs to document their findings. Working photographers can find amazing positions with private companies and governments. Here are a few examples of where you can find photography jobs.

Animal and human behavior must not be a part of the photographic process. Changing the environment can change the balance of ecosystems and endanger wildlife. Be ethical when photographing wildlife. Don’t use any enticing baits or lures and never approach a wild animal. Don’t use direct flash unless the subject is very curious. When photographing small mammals, use a tripod and keep your camera on a leeward side.

A photograph is a permanent record of the image captured through the action of light or related radiation. A camera records an image automatically. The photo has a sense of accuracy and authenticity based on the information stored in the picture. The adage “the camera doesn’t lie” has become an accepted cliche. It’s important to understand how photography works, though. The process of making a photograph is not simple and doesn’t happen quickly.