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Travel trend “Revenge Travel”: catch up on everything you missed due to Corona

Travel trend "Revenge Travel": catch up on everything you missed due to Corona

Travel trend “Revenge Travel”: catch up on everything you missed due to Corona

The great desire for vacation

“Revenge Travel”: Now travelers want to catch up on everything they missed during the pandemic

Travel to Corona
The pandemic is not over yet, but the desire to travel is back

For two years, travel was restricted, sometimes not possible at all. The new travel trend “Revenge Travel” wants to take revenge on Corona – by going out into the wide world all the more.

Anyone who loves to travel has had to experience a hard withdrawal in recent years. Due to the corona pandemic and the restrictions that came with it, it was hardly possible to explore the world: flights were cancelled, borders were closed, lockdowns brought the metropolises to a standstill – and of course the fear of infection always traveled with us. Globetrotters had to stay at home or travel to the local area.

That has now changed. Travel is possible again almost everywhere in the world – and for many there is a lot of catching up to do. They want to experience what they missed during the Corona period. In English, a term has already been established for this: “Revenge Travel”. In other words: Every holiday booked is a blow against the virus.

“Revenge Travel” – the new travel trend

You get back what you would have been entitled to from the start if it hadn’t been for this pandemic. The somewhat awkward term (can you take revenge on a virus?) is also related to the fact that “traveling after the pandemic” is not an adequate expression, writes CNN – because the pandemic is not over yet, even if it seems so in many places.

But unlike in the first year of the pandemic, much more is now possible again without acting unreasonably. The vaccinations, proof of which is a condition for entry into many countries, certainly have the largest share in this. And so many travel lovers are packing their bags again. “It’s a way of saying life is short. I want to book a vacation. I want to spend more time with my family. I want to connect with other people and with nature. I want to explore the world and seek experiences that make me happy give you the feeling of being alive,” explains Erika Richter from the American Association of Travel Advisors, explaining the feeling behind the term.

The basic equipment: a general overview

Farewell to coronavirus: Germans spend more money on vacation

In Germany, too, there is a spirit of optimism again in the travel industry, which has been badly affected by the pandemic. The number of bookings is increasing significantly again, some tour operators even see demand back to the level before Corona. And here, too, it shows that the Germans have a lot of catching up to do: in addition to the classics such as Mallorca or the Mediterranean region, the most popular travel destinations also include more distant and more expensive destinations such as the Maldives.

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The Corona crisis has placed a heavy financial burden on many citizens and, given the effects of the Ukraine war, many people have less money at their disposal. But those who can afford it often tend to save less and treat themselves more, at least when it comes to vacations. “The appreciation for travel is increasing and quality is very popular with customers,” says the President of the German Travel Association, Norbert Fiebig. After all, enough has been missed in the past two years.