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Travel toothbrush & Co: These 10 hygiene items save space

Travel toothbrush & Co: These 10 hygiene items save space

Travel toothbrush & Co: These 10 hygiene items save space

I pack my toiletry bag

Travel toothbrush & Co: space-saving hygiene items for the holidays

A foldable travel toothbrush is practical when you are on the go
A travel toothbrush can be folded up, saving space in the wash bag

Whether clothes, shoes or towels: When we travel, we (almost) only take what we really need on vacation – to be prepared for all eventualities on site. For daily body care, however, you can do without very few hygiene items.

So that we can also pursue our daily personal hygiene on vacation, toothbrushes and toothpaste, deodorant and shower gel, shampoo and soap are among the most important care products. However, most products are so large that they do not all fit in the toiletry bag. For this reason, most care products are available in a much smaller travel size – or you fill the contents into handy travel bottles. We have listed below which hygiene articles there are other space-saving alternatives for the holiday.

1. Travel toothbrush

An ordinary toothbrush can be stowed in the toilet bag with or without a protective cover – but this also takes up more space. One foldable travel toothbrush however, the size can be reduced by half. There is even now Bamboo travel toothbrushes or one electric cordless travel toothbrushfor which you do not need a charging cable.

2. Toiletry bag

At just 43 grams, this one is foldable toiletry bag from Decathlon a real lightweight. It takes up little space in your suitcase (or backpack) and still offers enough storage space for your hygiene items: The bag has a total of three pockets, which can also be hung up using a loop. When folded, it has the following dimensions: 18 cm × 8 cm × 3 cm.

3. Travel mug

Toothbrush case and travel mug in one: this one two piece set With a height of 19.5 centimeters each, offers enough space for several toothbrushes as well as toothpaste – and can also be used as a drinking and spit cup. The material is (according to the manufacturer) three millimeters thick, odorless and non-toxic. One mug is gray and one is white.

4. Sting Healer

Not only the travel time has high season, but also mosquitoes. To relieve burning, itching and swelling, the Insect Bite Healer A practical companion from Beurer: The targeted treatment with heat (there are two levels) is intended to treat the typical symptoms quickly and effectively, without any chemicals, and to relieve pain.

5. Travel Bottles

Shampoo and shower gel, conditioner and body lotion take up far too much space in the wash bag. So that you don’t have to do without your body care products, you can simply put the contents in a handy travel bottles (each 90 ml): This set contains six, all made of silicone and 100 percent BPA-free. There are also waterproof stickers for labeling purposes.

6. Water canister

Especially on the campsite, but also on the go Canister for drinking water (holds ten litres) as quite useful: It is foldable and therefore fits in any suitcase, weighs only 200 grams, is transparent for the water level indicator and can even withstand hot water of up to 60 degrees – for example for washing dirty dishes.

7. Wet wipes

In contrast to classic wet wipes, these are from travel buddy 100 percent biodegradable. They contain aloe vera and vitamin E, are hypoallergenic and free of alcohol, parabens and latex. The 20 by 30 centimeter cloths are equally suitable for removing dirt, sweat, body odors and oil residues.

8. Mobile bidet

In other countries, such as Dubai, Cairo or Japan, the ass is preferably washed off with water – and not with toilet paper. On vacation, this technique is particularly useful outdoors and on campsites if you have a mobile bidet carry with them. It is simply filled with water and held on the desired spot.

9. Clothesline

This is eight meters long retractable clothesline the ideal companion for on the go. If you do your laundry on holiday, you can easily hang them up and let them air dry afterwards. In addition to the leash, the set also includes 20 clips and ten buckles for fastening wet and clean laundry.

10. First aid kit

Last but not least, this should also be practical Set by Deuter shouldn’t be missing in your suitcase: so that you can provide first aid, it contains the essentials for treating small injuries – such as bandages, wound compresses, plasters, latex gloves, scissors and a signal whistle. In addition, there is an emergency guide in the set that tells you what to do and when.