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The secret hotel suite in Disney's fairytale castle

The secret hotel suite in Disney’s fairytale castle

Disney, Cinderella Castle Suite
In a part of the Cinderella Castle in the Disney Park Magic Kingdom that is not open to the public there is a secret suite in which selected guests can also spend the night

Unless a corona pandemic is paralyzing the world, millions of people visit Disney’s “Magic Kingdom” amusement park in Florida every year and admire its landmark, the fairytale Cinderella Castle. But what hardly anyone knows: In a hidden part of the castle there is a fairytale suite with overnight accommodation for up to six guests. But only a select few can enjoy this special treat.

The Cinderella Castle with its numerous towers and battlements is the unmistakable landmark of the Magic Kingdom Park in Florida and should not be missing from any souvenir photo. If you also want to see its interior, you can at best get a reservation at the chic restaurant Cinderella’s Royal Table on the second floor of the main wing or have your child lavishly restyled as a princess or knight in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Only employees have access to the other areas.

Secret Disney Suite – an apartment for Walt Disney

Sometimes, however, a very special door opens for selected visitors. It is in the gateway behind the bridge that leads over the moat. Behind the door is an elevator that takes you straight to a hotel suite that few people know even exists. The fairytale-like rooms were originally planned as a place to stay for park founder Walt Disney and his family, as reported by ABC , among others . However, when he died in 1971, five years before the park was completed, plans for the apartment were put on hold.

Work only resumed 30 years later and the rooms were transformed into a royal bedchamber, the so-called Cinderella Castle Suite. Amenities include a mosaic-adorned bathroom with a whirlpool tub and starry sky, a bedroom with two king-size beds, and a living area with antique upholstery. There’s also a mirror that magically transforms into a television, and the floor features a golden carriage made from 30,000 Italian tesserae.

Disney, Cinderella Castle Suite

The whirlpool tub in the bathroom

Not affordable with money and gold

According to a report by the US lifestyle magazine Southern Living , the secret Cinderella suite has only had 600 overnight stays since it was completed. Among other things, Tom Cruise stayed here with his daughter Suri in 2012. In order to be able to enjoy this, one does not necessarily have to be famous, yes: not even rich. Because this extraordinary experience cannot be bought with money or gold, as a Disney employee told the “ABC” reporter who wanted to book the suite. “You can’t reserve to stay here.”

Disney, Cinderella Castle Suite
Disney, Cinderella Castle Suite

you have to win the night. On certain occasions, Disney is giving away stays in the Magic Kingdom coupled with a night in the Cinderella suite. It is not known when that will happen again.

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