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The best! Cinque Terre’s recommendation

The best! Cinque Terre's recommendation

The best! Cinque Terre’s recommendation

“Cinque Terre” means “Cinque = 5” and “Telle = land / village”, and refers to the area that collectively refers to the five villages.
There is no city named “Cinque Terre”, isn’t it?
The five villages are Monte Rosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, all of which are small villages, but they are unique villages surrounded by nature and densely packed with colorful buildings by the sea.
The area is a “World Heritage Site” registered in 1997.

Popular with Italians, Europeans and Americans, it attracts many tourists from all over the world.
Even in Japan, there are many people who have been featured in magazines and television and have been nominated for
“the Italian city I want to visit” . However, there is still little information in Japan, so

  • * What is the appeal of Cinque Terre?
  • * How can I get there?
  • * How long should I take?

It is also true that there are many questions such as.

If you read this page, you should be able to clear up all those questions and master Cinque Terre!

Why should I go to Cinque Terre?

Cinque Terre is a mix of charms.
Small villages are scattered along the beautiful crystal-like sea.
The villages are unique places where buildings are built so that they stick to the surface of the mountain, creating a landscape that cannot be seen in Japan .

However , the village is not too sophisticated and is very simple . Then, once you leave the village, you will find a walking path next to the lemon field where the lemons are fluffy, and the greenery, the sea and the village are united to create a beautiful landscape.
It ‘s the magic of Cinque Terre .The purpose of visiting Cinque Terre is to see the beautiful scenery, listen to the sounds of the sea and forests, stroll along the village paths, eat delicious seafood, and enjoy a trip that you can enjoy with all five senses . You can say!
If you make a tour course combined with city sightseeing such as Rome and Florence, there is no doubt that there will be a variation of the trip.

Access to the Cinque Terre

There are two ways to get to the Cinque Terre area from other cities: by train or by car.
As we will discuss in detail in the next chapter, it is inconvenient to drive around the Cinque Terre, so if you drive to the Cinque Terre, park in a nearby town such as Levant or La Spezia, where parking is easy to find. recommend to. It is difficult to find a parking lot, especially in the summer.
The major cities with good transport links from the Cinque Terre are Genoa, Florence and Milan.

From Florence

If you go by car, it takes about two and a half hours.
For trains, transfer at Pisa or La Spezia (connecting flights vary depending on the train timetable).
It takes about two and a half hours from Florence to reach La Spezia. After that, transfer to the Cinque Terre Express (a train that runs in the Cinque Terre area) for sightseeing.
It will take a little longer if the connection is bad. If you do your best, you can go on a day trip, but if possible, it is recommended to stay overnight in Cinque Terre or a nearby town for sightseeing.

From Genoa

If you go by car, it takes about an hour and a half.
For trains, transfer at Levant or La Spezia (connecting flights vary depending on the train timetable).
After that, transfer to the Cinque Terre Express (a train that runs in the Cinque Terre area) for sightseeing. Day trips are also possible.

From Milan

If you go by car, it takes about 3 hours.
In the case of trains, we also operate a few direct express trains (InterCity) a day.
It takes 3 hours to reach Monte Rosso. After that, you can go sightseeing on the Cinque Terre Express (a train that runs in the Cinque Terre area). It takes 13 hours for a round trip, which is a hard schedule, but day trips are also possible.

For the timetable of trains from the above cities to Cinque Terre , please see the timetable of the Italian National Railways Trenitalia .

Where is the tourist base of Cinque Terre?

Staying at the Cinque Terre?

I’m going to Cinque Terre, so I have to stay in Cinque Terre! That’s the first thing that comes to you, right? Stay in the village of Cinque Terre, hike the promenade, eat delicious food at a local restaurant, and relax with a view of the sea to enjoy the atmosphere of the Cinque Terre .

The difficulty is

  1. With the exception of some hotels, Cinque Terre is mostly a small family-owned hotel, which is crowded during the season.
  2. The trains in the Cinque Terre are crowded during the season, and it is likely that you will have to walk uphill after getting off at the station, so it is difficult to move with your suitcase.
  3. The village itself is really small , so it’s not “full of attractions”.

You can say that.
If you are convinced of this point, staying in the village is one idea.

Recommended hotels in Cinque Terre

  • ● Hotel Marina Piccola
    A 3-star hotel in front of the harbor of Manarola. A 5-minute walk from the train station. The rooms are modern and simple.The on-site restaurant is also delicious.
  • ● Porto Roca
    A 4-star hotel located on a hill 800 meters from Monte Rosso Station. You have to climb the hill on foot, but when you arrive at the station,contact the hotel and they will call you a taxi.You can enjoy a superb view from the room. There is also a private beach.

Staying in a nearby town for sightseeing

It is inconvenient to go to a hotel in Cinque Terre with a suitcase. So, let’s enjoy sightseeing in Cinque Terre based in the nearest city!
Santa Margherita Ligure and Portovenere are two birds with one stone that you can enjoy sightseeing in the wonderful city of the Riviera together with Cinque Terre.
On the other hand, if you choose by proximity, Lepanto or La Spezia .

● Santa Margherita Ligure

Santa Margherita Ligure is a 40-minute train ride from the Cinque Terre.
It is a distance where you can slowly enjoy sightseeing in Cinque Terre all day long.
Furthermore, the city of Santa Margherita Ligure is also a wonderful resort area and is a recommended accommodation. The Italian Express style recommended course is
to enjoy the Riviera with one day sightseeing in Cinque Terre and another day sightseeing in nearby towns such as Portofino and Camogli .

● Portovenere

Portovenere is a wonderful city that makes you think, “I want to add this to one of the Cinque Terre!”
This city is also registered as a World Heritage Site.
Experience the luxury of sightseeing in the Cinque Terre while staying in Portovenere .
However, it is convenient to take a boat that operates in the summer (usually from mid-April to the end of September) from Portovenere to Cinque Terre, so it is a recommended accommodation for those traveling during this period.
Riomaggiore in Cinque Terre is a 30-minute boat ride from Portovenere.

● Levant

Only 10 minutes by train from Levant to Monte Rosso in the Cinque Terre .You can enjoy sightseeing in Cinque Terre slowly.Levant has a beautiful coast and the old town.

● La Spezia

  • Some trains arrive at La Spezia directly from Florence without transfer.
    Leave your luggage here and go sightseeing in the Cinque Terre.
    Riomaggiore is 7-8 minutes by train .
    La Spezia also has a harbor and an old town, but it has a few tourism elements, so it’s best to think of it as a base.

Day trip from a big city

I don’t have much time for sightseeing, but I definitely want to experience Cinque Terre in a day! For those who like it, day trips from Florence and Milan are also possible.
A day trip from Genoa will take you to the five villages of the Cinque Terre on a 9-hour tour from 9am to 6pm.
Florence has 5 village tours from 8:00 to 20:00, and Milan has 4 village tours from 8:00 to 20:00.
However, this schedule is for smooth sightseeing without hesitation, so if you are visiting by yourself, it is recommended that you make a plan with plenty of time.

Transportation for sightseeing in Cinque Terre

Is sightseeing by car inconvenient?

The villages of Cinque Terre are by the sea and each village is not connected by a road, so it is very inconvenient to travel by car.
As you can see from the map below (the road where the blue line connects the Cinque Terre), you have to drive dozens of minutes on the winding roads of the mountains to get to the neighboring village.
Actually, it is more winding than the map, so you may get motion sickness.

The train is convenient

On the other hand, the train runs straight along the sea as shown in the map below (yellow line), so you can easily move between villages.
The time required for the village and the village is only a few minutes, so the trains are “cheap,” “easy,” and “fast.”

What is Cinque Terre Express? ??

The name of the train that stops each village of Cinque Terre between La Spezia and Levanto during the tourist season from mid-March to early November .

It runs between La Spezia-Riomaggiore-Manarola-Corniglia-Vernazza-Monte Rosso-Levant and runs about once every 20 minutes.
The only regular trains other than the Cinque Terre Express that stop at each village of the Cinque Terre are early morning and evening, so if you want to see the Cinque Terre by train between 8:00 and 19:00, this Cinque Terre You will inevitably use the express.
For a detailed timetable, please visit the Treni Italia website.

* The Cinque Terre Express does not operate from November to February, so you will need to use a regular train.

What is the difference from a regular train? ??

There is no other difference except that the train names have changed, all trains run at each station, and the fare is higher than regular trains.

And the fare in question is 4 euros per section no matter which section you board. You cannot get off the train on the way and you will only get on the train once. (Valid for 75 minutes after engraving)
The regular winter train costs 2.4 euros, so it’s quite expensive to take the Cinque Terre Express, but it can’t be helped.

Cinque Terre by ship

Liners run mainly between Portovenere and Monte Rosso.
The berths are Portovenere-Riomaggiore-Manarola-Vernazza-Monte Rosso.

For the timetable, please see the Cinque Terre ship timetable of the operating company


Monte Rosso-Vernazza 6 euros one way Vernazza-Manarola 10 euros one way Manarola-Riomaggiore 7 euros one way.
The village of Corniglia is on a cliff, so there is no ship berth.
If you want to go around all four cities by boat, you don’t need to buy a one-day boat ticket (27 euros for adults) because it is a total of 18 euros (discounted rate of Monte Rosso → Vernazza → Manarola → Riomaggiore).

Do you move by ship? Or do you travel by train?

First of all, there will be no boat service in winter, so it will be a tour by train.
And if you go to Corniglia, you will inevitably travel by train in this section because there is no port.
In addition, the convenience of trains and boats to explore the four villages during the summer season does not change much.

Trains are more convenient than ships.
However , the boat is also recommended because you can enjoy sightseeing unique to Cinque Terre.
The village seen from the sea is also wonderful, and even if you board a boat, you can hang a pier from a small beach that can not be called a harbor and board a boat … It is a difficult experience.

If you omit Corniglia, it’s a good time to explore the four villages by boat in one day.


While looking at the sightseeing time and the timetable of the ship or train, weave the two and choose the one that suits you best.

Cinque Terre Card

The Cinque Terre Card is a sightseeing pass that allows you to use services for sightseeing in the Cinque Terre.

1. 1. Cinque Terre trekking card (no train)

  • Free Wi-Fi at hotspots in Cinque Terre (password is on the card)
  • Free use of city bus in Cinque Terre
  • Free admission to the hiking trails in the Cinque Terre Park (including SENTIERO AZZURRO with the Path of Love)
  • Discounts on admission to the City Museum of La Spezia
  • Free use of public pay toilets

Price Adult 1-day ticket 7,5 euros, 2-day ticket 14,5 euros

2. 2. Cinque Terre Train Card (with train)

  • All of the 1 Cinque Terre trekking cards
  • In addition to the above, free use of trains between Levant and La Spezia (excluding express and limited express trains such as InterCity and Frecciabianca, including regular trains 2nd class or Cinque Terre Express)

Adult 1-day ticket 16 euros, 2-day ticket 29 euros
(1 day ticket 13 euros, 2 days 23 euros, which is a little lower during the winter period from November to March)

Would you like a Cinque Terre card? Do you want to make an ordinary individual ticket?

By the way, if you want to go around the Cinque Terre in one day, which is better if you buy a Cinque Terre card or an individual ticket?
Let’s actually think about the route and calculate.

Example: Departing from
La Spezia and returning to La Spezia ⇒ Riomaggiore ⇒ Manarola ⇒ Corniglia ⇒ Vernazza ⇒ Monterosso ⇒ La Spezia.

If you go all around by train, a total of 24 euros, assuming you take the Cinque Terre Express 6 times.
The Cinque Terre train card adult one-day pass costs 16 euros, so it’s better to use the Cinque Terre card here.

On the other hand, if Corniglia is omitted,
La Spezia ⇒ Riomaggiore (train)
Riomaggiore ⇒ Manarola (ship)
Manarola ⇒ Vernazza (ship)
Vernazza ⇒ Monte Rosso (ship)
Monte Rosso ⇒ La Spezia (train)
, all with individual tickets It’s cheaper to buy an individual ticket instead of a Cinqueterre card, as it costs 31 euros in total and 39 euros in total for a Cinqueterre card and a ship’s individual ticket.

If you plan to board the ship more than once, it is calculated that you can get a discount on individual tickets instead of the Cinque Terre card .

On the other hand, if you plan to take the train four or more times, the Cinque Terre Train Card is a great deal!

However, those who plan to go trekking are different!
You have to buy a Cinque Terre trekking card (7.5 euros) just for one trek, so 3 times for Cinque Terre Express + 1 trek for 19.5 euros for an individual ticket. It ‘s better to buy the Cinque Terre Train Card (16 euros) .

The last thing to consider is that the
Smoothness Cinque Terre has a lot of manpower during the April-October season and the ticket office at the station is also crowded.
There may be a line at the vending machine or window, or the vending machine is broken and you don’t have time to buy a ticket, so you may miss the train.
In such a case, if you have a Cinque Terre card, you can enjoy sightseeing smoothly even if it is a little expensive .

Cinque Terre Cards can be purchased not only at local train stations, but also online.
You can buy it from this Cinque Terre National Park Cinque Terre Card Online Purchase site.

The Cinque Terre card purchased locally is not dated and must be stamped before boarding the first train.
Online ones are dated and are not required.

Highlights of the Cinque Terre

The beautiful sparkling sea, the colorful houses lined up on the steep hills, and the scenery from a distance, up close and a little far away, are the most attractive points of Cinque Terre.
And in order to enjoy the sightseeing of Cinque Terre more, it is recommended to take a boat for one section of the trip and see the city of Cinque Terre from the sea.

Since it is called Cinque Terre in 5 villages, tourists are enjoying the village tour, saying “I’m going around 5!” As if it were a checkpoint for orienteering.
Let’s do our best to conquer the 5 villages!

Cinque Terre each village

Here, we will guide you through the must-see attractions of the village in an easy-to-understand manner. Please refer
to the estimated time required for a one-day tour .

Monterosso al Mare

Sightseeing time reduction course 30 minutes Regular course 60 minutes

Monterosso al Mare is the largest beach in the Cinque Terre where you can swim.
There are two ways to walk in this town, which is a little more urban than other villages.
I will introduce it with the map below.

The royal road course is a walk along the coastal promenade (Map ①) on the left after leaving the station.

Click here for a photo of the Monte Rosso rock, which is also a symbol of Monte Rosso. (Map ②)

If you follow the promenade, you will pass through the tunnel and reach the old town area, so everyone will hurry to the tunnel, but it is recommended to climb the viewing platform with the Aurora Tower without entering the tunnel .
At the viewpoint where the statue of St. Francis is located, you can see such a magnificent view. (Map ③)

7-8 minutes walk to here. With a beautiful panorama of Monte Rosso, you can take a short course in 30 minutes by returning to the station.
If you arrive or depart by boat, there is a dock below the Aurora Tower.

If you have a little more time, go down the viewing platform to the other side and go to the old town (3 minutes walk)
The map has a red dotted line as a walking course, but in the old town, San Giovanni Please try various small diameters around the Battista church.
You can meet the quaint alleys that are typical of the Cinque Terre, and there are many Enoteca, restaurants, and gelato shops.
On the way back to the station, go back through the tunnel to the coastal promenade.

By the way, Monte Rosso is the most well-equipped of the five villages of Cinque Terre.
The number of hotels and restaurants is larger than others, and it is a flat city, so it is a convenient place to stay.


Sightseeing time 60 minutes

The most picturesque place in the five villages. It is said to be Cinque Terre and is the most popular village .
Although it is a small village, there are many attractions and viewpoints, so let’s go around efficiently by referring to the map.

The main street that extends from the station to the harbor is lined with souvenir shops, so it’s fun to take a walk while looking at the shops.
First, let’s go to the harbor where you can see the beautiful panorama of Vernazza. It is a 2-3 minute walk from the station to the port through the main street.
You can see colorful houses, a church standing on the sea, Doria Castle, which is the symbol of Vernazza, and so on.
Walk to the tip of the pier to the view point where you can see the cityscape of Vernazza from the sea . (Map ①)
You can take a nice picture of the sea and the village as one.

If the church of Santa Margherita di Antioch (Map ②) standing on the sea is not crowded, please take a look. It is a quaint stone church.
After that, head to Vernazza’s scenic points from two hills.
Return to the main street and go up the slope on the left towards the station. There is also a MONTEROSSO (direction) notation at the corner.

If you walk for about 5 minutes, you will reach this photo spot (Map ③), which is famous for postcards .

Once you have a good view, return to the main street and climb the slope on the right (towards CORNIGLIA) (5 minutes walk).
From here, you can see the magnificent view of Vernazza village and the sea from a different angle. (Map ④)

Walking shoes are recommended because the slopes are steep at both scenic points.

If you do not take a detour after taking this walk, it will take 45-50 minutes.It takes about an hour to take a walk or take a break on the path.


Sightseeing time 60 minutes
In the case of a bus, if you walk, the travel time is calculated as 15 minutes + 30 minutes one way.

Corniglia is the only village in the Cinque Terre that is not served by boats.

To get to Corniglia, you need to take a train and a walk, or a train and a bus .
For those who want to take a leisurely tour of the Cinque Terre village, it is recommended to skip the Corniglia village and enjoy the colorful village of “Cinque Terre” from the boat .

After all, I also want to visit Corniglia village! For those who like, we will show you how to get there and what to see.
First, take the train to Corniglia station and climb nearly 400 steps from the station to the center

People tend to think, “This is a pain!”, But many people say that it wasn’t as hard as it looks.
This may be because the stairs are wide and there are many landings, so you can climb while resting at your own pace.
And the view of the sea from the hill after climbing is the best!

There is also a bus from the station to the city center to get to the center.
If you have a Cinque Terre card, you can use it for free.
It makes a round trip every 15 minutes, and it takes 5 minutes from the station to the center. However, if it is crowded during the season, you may not be able to get on the bus.

Alternatively, there are trekking courses that you can enter from Manarola or Vernazza.
Find out more about the Cinque Terre trekking course here.

Below is the tourist guide map.

After climbing the stairs and arriving at the center (in the case of a bus, you will arrive at the bus stop in the square), first go to the village of St. Peter’s Basilica .

The narrow downhill that emerges from there is called Fieski Street, which is the main street that leads to the viewing platform.
If you go straight down this slope, you will reach the village square where people can relax and the Santa Caterina Chapel .

Further along the main street, there is a gazebo at the end of the road with stunning views.

There is a viewing platform at the end of the street

You can also see Manarola in the distance

It takes about 4 minutes on foot from St. Peter’s Church to the viewing platform, so even if you take a leisurely stroll and take a photo stop after arriving, it will take about 15-20 minutes.

Finally, return to the square with the bus stop and follow Bus Street for about 150m on your left for a panoramic view of Corniglia.

Looking up to this point, it’s about 30 minutes of sightseeing.


Sightseeing time 30 minutes ・ Course including mini hiking 50 minutes

Manarola is well known for being the starting and ending point of the walking course, Ai no Komichi, which connects Riomaggiore and Manarola.
This is also a small village, and one slope extends from the pier, which is a main street, so it is a simple and easy-to-understand place.

Manarola’s main street is full of life

Manarola doesn’t have any tourist attractions, so the highlight is the panoramic view of the colorful buildings and the sea .
Please enjoy your walk with reference to the map.

We will guide you through a regular walking course of 30 minutes and a 50-minute course for those who have time.
① Normal walking course
After getting off the Manarola station, go through the tunnel and enter the center of the village.

Climb the stairs on your left to see the main street, so don’t hesitate to walk.You will reach the port soon.

The point where you can see the spectacular view is at the tip of the cape, walking along the seaside promenade on your right for 2-3 minutes. (Map ①) You can see the whole view of colorful Manarola as
shown in the picture below.

You can also go up the stairs and see from the open space on the hill.
This view spot is said to be the most spectacular of the five villages of the Cinque Terre.
8 minutes walk from the station to here. You can go sightseeing in 30 minutes even if you return to the station while taking pictures slowly.


If you want to enjoy a little more walk, how about the lower course that combines a mini hike that can be done in 10 minutes?
② Normal walk + mini hiking trail
After exiting the tunnel from the station, climb the gentle slope on the opposite road (on your right) to San Lorenzo Church (Map ②).

After peeking into a small church in a small village, start your walk from the promenade entrance beside the church!

There are sometimes forks, but be sure to follow the promenade where you can see the center of town in the distance and avoid entering the inland.
From the terraced vineyard roads on the hills, you can see the beautiful scenery of Manarola surrounded by nature.
The road is flat and you won’t get tired.

After walking for about 10 minutes, you will reach the spectacular view point at the tip of the cape, which is the same as the regular walking course.
After the photo stop, it is the same as the return route of the normal walking course, walking along the promenade along the sea to the harbor and returning to the station while passing through the main street.
5 minutes walk from the station to San Lorenzo Church. A 10-minute walk to a mini hike. 8 minutes walk from the viewpoint to the station.
Sightseeing can be done in 40-50 minutes, including church tours and photo spots.



Sightseeing time reduction course 30 minutes Port and hill course 60-70 minutes

Riomaggiore is known as the departure and arrival point of the Path of Love, but the colorful cityscape seen from the harbor is a village with a truly Cinque Terre-like landscape.
If you don’t have much time, focus on the scenery of this scenic harbor.
If you have a little more time, we will also show you a course for sightseeing on the hills.

After leaving the Riomaggiore station, take the underpass to the center of the village.
The old town is on your left. First, let’s go through the tunnel on the right to the port where you can see the magnificent view of the village. A 1-minute walk will bring you to a small harbor.

If you climb the slope on the left side of the harbor and look at the village from the viewpoint (Map ①), you can see the scenery like the postcard in the photo below.

For a time-saving course, go to the beach a little further from this viewpoint, look at the cliff and sea view spot from the right side of the harbor opposite the viewpoint, and enjoy a walk around the harbor. ..
After that, if you return to the station, you can see the highlights of Riomaggiore in about 30 minutes.


For harbor and hill courses, after exploring this harbor, climb the slopes of the main street of the old town on the other side of the harbor.
When you see the post office on your left, he climbs the narrow stairs called Scalinata della valle and arrives at the square where the church of San Giovanni Battista (Map ②) is located. The church is a 7-8 minute walk from the harbor.
Visit the church with its beautiful rose windows and enjoy the spectacular Riomaggiore and sea views from the square on the hill in front of it.

After that, follow the slope that divides to the right after about 30m from the square, and go to Riomaggiore Castle (Map ③).
You can’t go inside the castle, but it’s worth the trip as you can see the scenery from the best hills in the village

After that, you can go to the station by a short cut, but the panorama from the promenade that walks overlooking the town is wonderful , so turn back to the fork that you just came and then walk to the station while walking on the promenade (Map ④). recommend.

15-20 minutes for sightseeing near the harbor. After that, it takes about 50 minutes to take a walk to the hill and return to the station, including a photo stop, so you can take a walk around in 60-70 minutes.

Cinque Terre “Love Path”

The Path of Love was closed after the landslide in 2012, and as of January 2022, it is only partially open .
Full opening is scheduled for June-July 2024. Please see the details of the trekking course including this love path .
I will tell you the charm of the path of love in case it resumes.

“Love Path” famous for sightseeing in Cinque Terre.
In order to enjoy the beautiful nature of Cinque Terre, we strongly recommend that you incorporate it into a sightseeing course that is combined with a village tour.

This promenade, which connects Riomaggiore and Manarola, is about a kilometer long and flat, so you won’t get tired.
Walking while looking at the mountains on one side and the sea on the cliffs on the other side is open and pleasant, and the beautiful sea and sky seem to be just walking there. I feel that my mind and body will be refreshed.
Maybe this is a powerful power spot? It makes me think.

Inside the tunnel are various love scribbles.
An old couple who starts dancing to the music of an accordion player who plays and talks.
And in front of the love motif, for the first time in decades? In addition, the couple proposes again, “I will continue to love you.”
The “Love Path” is not only a place for young couples, but also for couples who have been with them for decades to re-swear their love.
It is a “road” that feels such “love”.

It is a “love path” that you will be impressed by encountering such a landscape.

So far, I have introduced the charm of each village of Cinque Terre and the walking course.
Next, we will inform you of the recommended time and model plan.

What is the recommended sightseeing time?

In terms of weather, it is recommended for sightseeing from April to September . The weather is nice and there is less rain.
It rains a little in October, but it’s a tourist season.
Although it is cold from November to March, the climate in this region of Cinque Terre is relatively warm, so it rarely gets extremely cold or snows.

In terms of transportation, we recommend the period from April to early November when the ship operates .
The view of Cinque Terre from the sea is also wonderful, so we recommend you to experience it once.
On the other hand, there is no service during the winter, so let’s go around quickly by train.

In terms of congestion , Easter can be very crowded during Easter season (which varies from year to year), weekends and holidays in April-September, and vacation season in July-August. .. If you don’t like the crowds, sightseeing in the winter is an option, as the
trains may be full or you may not be able to walk slowly in the old town . Please choose the time according to your preference.

Recommended plan to go around Cinque Terre in one day!

Once you have the information and charm of the Cinque Terre, we will advise you on a model plan to tour the villages of the Cinque Terre in one day .

1. 1. Tour the 5 villages of Cinque Terre in one day, departing from and arriving at Santa Margherita Ligure!
  • Conquer 5 villages by train.
  • It is a plan that can be applied in both summer and winter.
  • Assuming a day trip plan for staying in Santa Margherita Ligure.

Train times may vary slightly depending on the season, so please use this as a guide only.


08:24 Depart Santa Margherita Ligure by train to Sestri Levante

08:43 Transfer after arriving at Sestri Levante

08:50 Depart Sestri Levante to Rio Maggiore by train

09:40 After arriving at Riomaggiore, take a walk around Riomaggiore (70 minutes from the port and hill course because there is time)

11:24 Depart Riomaggiore by train to Manarola

11:26 After arriving at Manarola, walk around Manarola (normal walking course 30 minutes)

11:58 Depart Manarola to Corniglia by train

12:01 After arriving at Corniglia Station, take a bus or walk to the center of Corniglia

12:20 Walking around Corniglia (30 minutes) Then, take a bus or walk to the station

13:30 From Corniglia, take the train to Vernazza

13:33 After arriving in Vernazza, lunch at a restaurant with a view

14:30 After that, walking around Vernazza (60 minutes)

15:34 Depart Vernazza by train to Monte Rosso

15:38 After arriving in Monte Rosso, strolling sightseeing in Monte Rosso (normal course 60 minutes)

16:55 From Monte Rosso, take the limited express train to Santa Margherita Ligure

17:44 Arrive at Santa Margherita Ligure. End of sightseeing (time required about 9 hours)

2. 2. Tour the four villages of Cinque Terre in one day, departing from and arriving in Florence!
  • Enjoy the Cinque Terre by train and boat
  • The ship operates from April to early November, so it is a plan that can be applied at that time.
  • Visit the village of Corniglia from the sea.

Train times may vary slightly depending on the season, so please use this as a guide only.


07:54 From Florence by train to La Spezia

09:37 Transfer after arriving at La Spezia

09:55 From La Spezia, take the train to Rio Maggiore

10:03 After arriving at Riomaggiore, walk around Riomaggiore (walk around the harbor and hills in 1 hour)

11:03 Depart Riomaggiore by train to Manarola

11:06 After arriving in Manarola, a walking tour of Manarola (60 minutes walking course including mini hiking) and a light lunch

12:45 Depart Manarola to Vernazza while observing the village of Corniglia from the sea by boat

13:05 After arriving in Vernazza, walk around Vernazza (60 minutes)

14:34 Depart Vernazza by train to Monte Rosso

14:38 After arriving in Monte Rosso, strolling sightseeing in Monte Rosso (normal course 60 minutes)

15:55 Depart Monte Rosso by train to Florence (transfer at La Spezia and Pisa)

18:33 Arrive in Florence. End of sightseeing (time required about 10 and a half hours)