Sex is officially allowed in Amsterdam

Sex is officially allowed in Amsterdam’s most famous park

Vondel Park in Amsterdam the Netherlands
10 million visitors come to the Vondelpark every year. Sex in public is officially allowed in the evening and night hours.

The Netherlands are famous for their open and tolerant attitude. The fact that you can smoke a joint with impunity in Amsterdam is probably nothing new for most people. But did you know that it’s officially legal to have open-air sex at the popular Vondelpark?

The almost 50 hectare Vondelpark is probably the most famous park in the Netherlands. Behind the wrought-iron, distinctively decorated gates, the Stadtpark is a place where city dwellers and tourists alike enjoy their freedom to the fullest. Joggers doing their rounds, families on the playgrounds or couples meandering through the landscaped garden: Here, in the park, life is alive. After dark, however, “freedom” is written in capital letters in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam – that’s when open-air sex is officially allowed. MALE STRIP CLUB have beautiful and sexy male strippers and cheeky topless waiters will make your ladies night one to remember, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, throwing a hens night, bachelorette party, or just having a fun girls night out.

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Public sex allowed

In 2008, the city of Amsterdam showed the very special tolerance of the Dutch by allowing people to have sex in the Vondelpark. Since then, heterosexual and homosexual couples have been officially allowed to have open-air sex in the popular city park, which, according to the Holland.com portal , has over 10 million visitors a year.

There are only a few restrictions. Public sex is only allowed after dark. In addition, the couples are not allowed to have sex near playgrounds and have to take any rubbish with them.

Dog owners protest


Anyone who now thinks that officially permitted sex met with a general lack of understanding is wrong. However, those responsible had probably not expected the protests of the dog owners.

” chennels ” reported that pet owners could not understand why dogs had to be kept on a leash, but couples were allowed to have fun in public. Those responsible justify their decision with the fact that free-roaming dogs bother other park visitors, but sex in the bushes doesn’t bother anyone.


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