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Outdoor hammock: buying tips for campers, adventurers and families

Outdoor hammock: buying tips for campers, adventurers and families

Outdoor hammock: buying tips for campers, adventurers and families

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Outdoor hammock: Let your legs dangle while trekking

Outdoor hammock: young man sleeping in a hammock at a campsite
Hammocks are perfect for a little nap in between. For trekking and camping fans, they are a practical overnight option. Here are some buying tips for adventurers and families.

All-inclusive on Malle was yesterday. The Germans are drawn to their native nature. Why the outdoor hammock should not be missing on an active holiday and what else you need for warm nights under the starry sky.

The world thirsts for relaxation. Families, couples and singles are also looking forward to summer in Germany. The holiday season is getting closer for many and with it not only the question: Where are we going? Instead of the obligatory all-inclusive trip to the Canary or Balearic Islands, many Germans are opting for a vacation in nature in the summer of 2022. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a mobile home, caravan or on a bike tour with a tent in your luggage – the trend is towards individual holidays in the mountains, by the lake or along the many rivers in this country. In return, people are happy to accept compromises in terms of comfort. A trend tool in summer 2022 is the outdoor hammock. It is the perfect travel gadget for families and adventurers.

In the following article you can read what types of hammocks there are, what you should look out for when buying an outdoor hammock and why certain additional tools are important.

Multi-talented hammock: leisure fun and sleeping berth

Hammocks were originally invented to be able to spend the night in the outback without being “eaten” by annoying crawling creatures while you were sleeping. They are now a popular leisure tool that children use to swing and adults use for a nap in between. But hammocks are also becoming increasingly popular with trekking holidaymakers. Instead of spending the night in popular and frequently occupied mountain huts, special outdoor hammocks (like this model from NatureFun) between two trees and dangles to sleep. Especially in summer, they are a practical alternative to tents, where the heat often builds up and makes it difficult to sleep.

But it doesn’t matter whether it’s a sleeping bag, tent or hammock: If you want to spend the night in the outback, you have to shoulder the camp yourself. Therefore, in addition to the smallest possible pack size, the weight also plays a major role in hammocks. This model from Fieleer is made of parachute silk and weighs just under 600 grams including the heavy-duty belts and carabiners. It can even be lighter. Anyone planning multi-day tours will be happy with every gram that can be saved on the ascent and descent. At just 450 grams, the Mosquito Traveler Pro from Amazonas one of the lightweights on the market. And at least as important: When folded, this hammock has a packing size of about 22 x 9 centimeters.

Outdoor hammocks: how to protect yourself from rain and mosquitoes

Outdoor sleepovers near lakes and rivers can easily become a nightmare in summer. Because annoying insects such as gnats or mosquitoes feel particularly comfortable in damp areas. They also love human blood. There is a practical solution for this as well. With a sewn-in mosquito net (like this model from Grand Canyon) the bloodsuckers can be kept away.

There are also practical helpers against rain and everything else that could disturb you from above at night. This multifunctional Tent tarpaulin to stretch over the hammock can also be conveniently used as a picnic blanket when taking a break. But here, too, you should always keep in mind: Everything that makes the night’s camp more comfortable must be moved with your own muscle power. And there is another aspect that should not be forgotten when staying overnight in the outback. The conservation. Help to prevent trees from being damaged needlessly special fastening sets for hammocks and tarpaulins. They not only protect the bark of the trees, but also secure tired hikers.

The outdoor brand Night Cat offers an all-round carefree package with their Hammock Tent. The covered hammock, equipped with a mosquito net, including the aluminum pole and the fastening straps, weighs around 1800 grams. Practical: If you prefer to sleep on the floor, simply leave out the straps. The tent is also suitable as a play and romp cave for children.

Hanging out with a blanket and pillow

Would you like a little comfort? In most hammocks you can sleep comfortably without a pillow. If you still don’t want to do without it, you should light pillow like this one from Travelax stuff in the backpack. Last but not least, one Pocket-sized outdoor blanket for warm legs on cooler nights. But one thing is also certain: there is no hammock in the world that is as snug and comfortable as at home. But the fun and adventure factor is all the greater.