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Outdoor gadgets: ten useful things for your next trip

Outdoor gadgets: ten useful things for your next trip

Outdoor gadgets: ten useful things for your next trip

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These ten outdoor gadgets ensure more comfort outdoors

These ten outdoor gadgets can be an outdoor asset

Excursions into nature are good for body and mind. Practical outdoor gadgets can be useful companions. It is important that they can be stowed away compactly and be weatherproof.

Hiking boots on and head off. A trip into nature grounds and relaxes body and mind. Whether it’s the classic camping trip or just a longer hike, practical outdoor gadgets can make being outdoors easier and more pleasant. Below you can read about the things that should be on your packing list for your next camping holiday or upcoming trekking tour.

cutlery set

Outdoor gadgets should be able to be packed to save space and be weatherproof. Whether it’s a camping holiday or a lunch break on a longer hike, a practical one cutlery set you should have with you. The set contains a fork, knife and spoon made of stainless steel and can be stowed hygienically and well protected in a compact plastic case.

repair tape

You are prepared for any event with this weatherproof repair tape. If the rain jacket has a tear or the tent is leaking, you can quickly repair the damage with the tape. It is transparent and should be easy to remove if necessary without leaving any adhesive residue.

multi tool

A multi tool is always a good companion on a trip into nature, because it offers a lot of useful functions despite its compact size. These include scissors, a pocket knife, a can opener, a screwdriver or even a corkscrew.


In order to be able to move safely outside in the dark, practical headlamps are suitable.So you have your hands free, but can still illuminate your surroundings. This should be pleasantly light and particularly bright headlamp be.

First aid kit

You should always have one in case of an emergency First aid kit have along. A weatherproof set is best so that it can withstand rain. The most important components should be sterile adhesive plasters and bandages, as well as a rescue blanket. In addition, cooling plasters are useful, which can relieve the pain after burns and abrasions.


A night in a tent is not like staying in a hotel, but you can still provide a little more comfort. For example with a soft pillow. This pillow weighs just 108 grams and can be folded up very small so that it hardly takes up any space in your luggage.

Collapsible Lantern

Whether for reading, eating or a nice get-together in the evening, a foldable lantern brings light into the dark. The same applies to the lantern, the more space-saving it can be stowed away, the more suitable it is as a useful outdoor gadget.

Mobile washing machine

You don’t have to do without comfort like freshly washed laundry during a longer camping trip. using this Outdoor camping washing machine you can also wash your laundry outside in nature. The functionality of the compact outdoor washing bag is very simple. You don’t need electricity, you simply fill the laundry bag with your laundry, close it again and rub the laundry in it for about three minutes.

Solar power bank

If you carry tech gear or just your smartphone with you, it’s a good idea to bring one Solar power bank. You can easily charge electronic devices without a socket and supply the power bank with energy every day with the help of the sun.

Drinking bottle with filter

Bottle fresh water from the stream around the corner? This Drinking bottle with filter allows you to top up water on the go with the built-in filter removing bacteria and sediment.