Lebua Sky Bar Bangkok Rooftop Bar Hangover

(Updated January 2020)  Just after sunset in Bangkok, Thailand. From the Lebua Sky Bar on the 63rd floor, I look out over the city lights and river while sipping my “Hangover Too” cocktail. In the article I tell you everything you need to know for your visit to one of the highest rooftop bars in the world – about the height, location, arrival, opening times, prices and the dress code for women and men.

Hangover Bar Bangkok: Lebua Sky Bar as film location

Bangkok riverside hotelIt is the rooftop bar ( open daily from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. ) of the 5 star hotel Lebua at State Tower . You can book the hotel via Booking.com and check the prices there, which are quite affordable.

I stayed there in January 2020, well worth it! Thanks to the upgrade, I had an amazing view from my Tower Club Suite on the 51st floor with river view and balcony.

In the film “Hangover 2” the wolf pack with Chow visits the roof terrace, where the open-air restaurant Sirocco and the Sky Bar are located.

Even then I was fascinated by the view. It is one of the highest rooftop bars in the world . The New York Times raves about “the most breathtaking rooftop bar you will ever see”.

State Tower: Elevation, Location and Getting There

Hangover Bar Bangkok View Night RiverFrom the Chao Phraya River, I saw the golden dome on top of the State Tower for the first time.

The fifth tallest building in Thailand at 247 meters is located in Bangkok’s Silom shopping and business district  .

On my first visit, we took the boat to Sathorn (Taksin). Then we walked for ten minutes.

On the second visit I stayed at the Lebua at State Tower . So it was very simple: quickly slip into long trousers and closed shoes in the room and then take the elevator.

The way:

  • Take the elevator to the 64th floor.
  • Welcome by the friendly staff (important: adhere to the dress code, e.g. no flip flops)
  • Go outside to the left.
  • Don’t order anything at the first bar at the top of the stairs, my cocktail there would have cost around three times as much.
  • Instead, go down the big staircase (remember the scene in the movie?) outdoors to the roof terrace with the restaurant and bar.

Dress code women and men in the Lebua Sky Bar

Lebua Sky Bar Bangkok dress code women menWhen I looked around the bar, I noticed: the women in particular had dressed up. Most of them wore summer dresses and heels, and had their hair and make-up nicely done. The men wore rather casual clothes.

A smart casual dress code applies. According to the dress code , you will not be allowed in if you are wearing something like the following:

  • sportswear
  • flip flops
  • for men, sleeveless clothing, shorts or open-toe shoes

I was wearing a nice top, long blue trousers and ballet flats. So I got through the entrance control without any problems.

Unlike when we tried to visit a few years ago, my friends and I were not allowed in because we were wearing flip-flops.

Incidentally, you can also borrow or buy something at the stand in front of the building in an emergency .

Lebua Sky Bar Bangkok: prices

Lebua Sky Bar Bangkok pricesIn a nutshell: the view is amazing, and unfortunately so are the prices.

Take your time and have a look at the extensive drinks menu.

I ordered a Sky Bar Hangovertini that was created for the film crew of “Hangover 2” the first time. It cost a whopping 1,150 baht in January 2020. Plus taxes and fees.

On the second visit I took the slightly cheaper Hangover Too (1,000 baht). I paid a total of 1,177 baht for this. It tasted pleasantly sweet and tart with Aperol, maple syrup and rosemary.

The atmosphere in the Lebua Sky Bar

I found the roof terrace to be very chic and stylish , especially with the golden dome. However, the atmosphere wasn’t stiff, but rather relaxed .

When I got there just before sunset, around 6 p.m., it wasn’t very crowded. I heard Germans, French and Italians around me. Guests stood at the bar or took photos from the railing. A band played along.

The Sirocco tables are also located near the bar  . Here you can experience a romantic dinner in the highest open-air restaurant in the world . However, this must also be a luxury experience.

You can also sit in the Distil Bar on the 64th floor. Later in the evening there is much less going on here than in the Sky Bar. But you have panes of window glass in front of the fantastic view.