Hunting in Australia

Hunting in Australia

Hunting in Australia

The 97,000 km2 very sparsely populated Arnhem Land in Australia’s Northern Territory is a settlement area of ​​the Aborigines and is located on the north coast of the continent, about 200 kilometers east of the city of Darwin. It stretches from Port Roper on the Gulf of Carpentaria to the East Alligator River where it borders Kakadu National Park. The diverse ecosystems are home to a variety of unique native flora and wildlife such as water buffalo, banteng, dingo, wild boar, Timorese pony, waterfowl, saltwater crocodile and the legendary fish, the barramundi.

Hunting season: in the dry season from May to the end of October

Mann River Plateau

In the centrally located, very remote Mann River Plateau, the local water buffalo , which weighs up to 800 kg, and the wild ox (scrub bull) are hunted. This area is known for its high population of buffalo. The water buffalohas widely spread horns up to 90 cm long which, depending on the shape, can reach a spread of up to 1.5 meters. It is possible to hunt for three different trophy categories such as the gold trophy buffalo (from 95 SCI points), the silver trophy buffalo (84 to 94 SCI points) and the shooting bull. You will be accommodated in well-equipped tent camps, with a 24-hour generator, running water and first-class food. The transfer takes place via a 10-hour car transfer or, if desired, by charter flight for an additional charge.

Murgenella floodplains

The Murgenella floodplains, west of Arnhemland, are mainly home to the banteng and wild boar. In the flat terrain, consisting of floodplain landscapes with huge wet biotopes, open grassy areas and bush savannas, you will find the ideal habitat for the coveted wild boar and the bateng. If you do not choose the transfer by charter flight, you will alternatively reach the camp in Mudjeegarrdarrt after a 5 to 7 hour drive in a comfortable air-conditioned Landcruiser. The accommodations in this hunting area consist of customary best-equipped hunting camps with the same standard and comfort as in the buffalo area.

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Water buffalo, scrub bull, wild boar, banteng, wild goat, rusa deer, sambar deer, axis deer, wild boar, pigs, sheep, ducks, water fowl, fowl,  goose