Hunting in northern Canada with South Nahanni Outfitters means  excellent stalking for Dall rams,  hunting what is probably   the Northwest Territories’  largest population of mountain goats , gigantic Alaskan-Yukon elk  and the choice  of thousands of mountain caribou .

Our backpack hunts  begin with a helicopter transport  that flies our hunters and guides from the main camp to optimal game locations and drops them there. The helicopter transport opens up a new dimension of wildlife conservation for us and for you. It makes it possible to hunt a very high percentage of the South Nahanni wilderness. More easily accessible areas are therefore not at risk of overhunting; the already vanishingly low hunting pressure is distributed over an even larger area and thus guarantees continuously strong trophy carriers and successful distances.

How do we hunt this part of northern Canada?
How to hunt this endless wilderness of northern mountains, these unexplored mountain ranges of a forgotten, deserted world? By becoming a modern day nomad, aided by migrating, climbing feet, helicopter technology, modern equipment and communication via a satellite phone.

The  helicopter  will transport you from main  camp to a perfect game launch in the vastness of the Mackenzie Mountains, eliminating an otherwise lengthy and tiring journey to the actual hunting location. Your hunt will be more pleasant and efficient. Arrived at your hunting location, together with your personal, professional  game guide , you will set up  a tiny outdoor camp made of lightweight backpacker tents. The outdoor camp will be set up where there is a natural water source (stream, lake, etc.), a landing site for the helicopter and the game you are looking for is within walking distance.

All our hunts are stalking, and of course FAIR CHASE.
The hunt is normally conducted in day stalks from their established outcamp. On rarer occasions, you’ll need to move camp to your backpack and back to change campsites and thus get closer to the game you’re looking for.

Please assume that during your hunt you will have to hike, uphill and downhill, climb, glass, stalk, crawl over rocks, boulders and slate slopes, etc., or have to walk through swampy, swampy forests riddled with fallen wood while hunting elk, up and down the mountains.

What we have to offer you are extraordinary, wonderful, eventful game hunts  in  absolute wilderness . Canada’s north is an unforgivingly harsh land, buried under ice and snow for eight months of the year. Tight organization and  experienced guides  who know and understand the land and game are key to the success of your hunt in the solitude of the Mackenzie Mountains in the inaccessible Northwest Territories of Canada.

A successful hunt in a region as special and special as South Nahanni requires cooperation and humility. You will have to surrender to the beauties of the wilderness and its demands to enjoy the ultimate, most exhilarating, most successful wilderness hunt of your life. The opportunity to stretch strong trophy carriers will arise – 100%. use you .