How is the Corona refund at Ryanair and Easyjet?

Corona refund at Ryanair and Easyjet

How is the Corona refund at Ryanair and Easyjet?

Canceled flights: Airlines refund
Because of the corona pandemic, most flights worldwide have been canceled. Many customers still do not have a refund. 

In the last two years, global air traffic has come to a complete standstill in some cases due to the corona pandemic. However, many airlines made it difficult to refund the travel price. Instead, they offered and still offer free rebookings and vouchers. Attempts to contact the airlines by phone are often unsuccessful, and emails are not answered either.

Corona refund at Ryanair

Ryanair offers the option of requesting a refund, rebooking or rerouting of canceled flights. On this page you can either “Request a refund” or “Change the flight” via a link button. However, both links only lead to the login to your own customer account. And if you want to apply for reimbursement of your flight costs here, you may not get anywhere in the end.

Ryanair itself says “the best way to manage your booking” would be to postpone travel to a later date or accept a voucher. The reimbursement procedure, on the other hand, could take longer due to the high volume of contacts.

After all: As the flight industry portal airliners.de reported in mid-January, Ryanair has already paid 77 of the cases submitted to the flight rights portal Flightright.

Corona refund at Easyjet

Easyjet also offers the options of rebooking, voucher or cancellation and refund. As with Ryanair, reimbursement is clearly the least explained and accounted for. Even if you have managed to get to the airline’s reimbursement form via detours, the airline still wants to convince you of the voucher.

Lawyer advises: send registered mail to the airline

“The airlines now want to make it as difficult as possible for customers to get their money, because the complete refunds endanger their liquidity,” says Jan Bartholl, specialist lawyer for travel law and European passenger rights. However, there is a legal right to a refund of the ticket price.

Bartholl advises passengers whose flights have been canceled to “demonstrably request the airline to refund the fare”. Demonstrable would mean, preferably by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.