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Honeymoon places in Canada

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Honeymoon places in Canada

From coast to coast, there are plenty of places where you can find romance and relaxation during your honeymoon. Whether you’re looking for a quiet retreat or want to party like it’s 1999, we’ve got you covered. Check out 14 of our favourite honeymoon spots in Canada.

1. Prince Edward Island

2. Newfoundland & Labrador

3. Nova Scotia

4. British Columbia

5. Yukon Territory

6. Alberta

7. Saskatchewan

8. Manitoba

9. Ontario

10. Quebec

11. New Brunswick

12. Northwest Territories

13. Nunavut

14. Nova Scotia

1. Tofino, British Columbia

Tofino, British Columbia

Tofino is a small coastal village on Canada’s West Coast. Located about 90 minutes north of Victoria, B.C., it is known for its beautiful scenery, particularly during fall and winter months. Surrounded by mountains, forests, and ocean views, Tofino is a great destination for those looking for some peace and quiet away from urban life.

The area is home to over 20 different species of whales, including orcas, humpbacks, minke whales, fin whales, sperm whales, pilot whales, and blue whales. In fact, there are more blue whale sightings in Tofino waters than anywhere else in the world. Humpback whales are often seen breaching off the shores of Tofino, while killer whales are frequently spotted near nearby islands.

There are numerous hiking trails throughout the region, where visitors can see old growth trees, lush ferns, wildflowers, mosses, lichens, and even temperate rainforests. Some of the most popular hikes include the following:

• Black Creek Falls Trail – This trail leads to one of the highest waterfalls in the province, and offers stunning views of the surrounding forest and ocean.

• Clayoquot Sound National Historic Site – One of the best places to view wildlife in the entire province, this park is home to bald eagles, black bears, deer, mountain goats, and porcupines.

• Deep Cove Loop Trail – A short hike along the shoreline of Deep Cove allows visitors to spot seals, sea otters, and even orcas.

• Mount Meager massif – Visitors can take part in guided tours of this peak, which provides spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

2. Mont Tremblant, Quebec

 Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Mont Tremblant is known for being Canada’s largest ski resort and home to many outdoor adventures including hiking, biking, fishing and golfing. But did you know that there are tons of fun things to do outside of skiing? Here are some of our favourite attractions in Mont Tremblain.


The zip line course offers a unique experience where you step off a platform into the void. You’ll be suspended about 30 metres above the ground, while taking in breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.


If you want to spend the day relaxing, why not book yourself a luxury villa at Mont Tremblant Resort? There are plenty of options ranging from $1,500-$5,000 per night.


You can enjoy horseback riding along trails throughout the region. From short rides to longer treks, there are different packages to choose from. Prices range from $150-$400 depending on length and number of people.


Play 18 holes at the world famous Mont Tremblant Golf Course. This scenic course winds around the mountain and features challenging fairways and greens.

3. Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is the smallest Canadian province and one of Canada’s least populated provinces. Its capital is Charlottetown, where visitors often find themselves staying longer than planned. With plenty of outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, kayaking, fishing, golfing and horseback riding, there are many ways to enjoy yourself here.

4. Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler, British Columbia, is one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. A favorite among celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, it’s now becoming a popular destination for couples looking for a romantic escape.

The town lies nestled in the majestic Coast Mountains, about three hours north of Vancouver. With gorgeous views of the surrounding peaks, it’s no wonder why many consider it to be “the place where dreams come true.”

There’s no shortage of things to do in Whistler, including skiing, golfing, hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, rafting, and much more. But whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a weeklong vacation, there are several accommodations options suited for every budget.

For those seeking luxury, the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Resort & Spa is the perfect choice. This grand resort features a spa, fitness center, heated outdoor pool, tennis courts, and a variety of dining options. Guests can enjoy the views of the surrounding mountains while relaxing in the spacious guest rooms and suites.

If you’d rather experience nature up close, head to the nearby Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel & Resorts. Located near the ocean, guests can enjoy breathtaking views of Howe Sound and the Strait of Georgia. There’s also a full range of activities, such as hiking, cycling, sailing, and whale watching.

In addition to exploring outdoorsy pursuits, visitors can take advantage of the city’s shopping opportunities. From boutiques to art galleries, shoppers can browse unique shops filled with local crafts and souvenirs.

5. Okanagan, British Columbia

Okanagan, British Columbia


The Okanagan region of B.C., Canada, is a beautiful place to escape to during the winter months, but it’s even better during the warmer seasons. From June to September, visitors flock here for some much needed R&R. Here are five reasons why the Okanagan is a great place to take a vacation.

1. Relaxation

With over 300 days of sunshine per year, there’s no shortage of opportunities to unwind. You can choose from a variety of activities like hiking, fishing, boating, swimming, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, tennis, golf, horseback riding, cycling, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. There are plenty of options to suit every type of traveler.

2. Food & Wine

There are countless wineries throughout the Okanagan Valley. Many offer tours where you can learn about wine making while tasting local wines. You’ll find everything from sparkling wines to red blends. If you’re looking for something different, try pairing wines with Asian cuisine; most restaurants serve Japanese food.

3. Nature

Whether you want to hike around lakes, rivers, mountains, or forests, you’ll find it here. Hiking trails range from easy strolls to challenging treks. In addition to nature, you’ll find museums, art galleries, festivals, historical sites, parks, and gardens.

6. Kananaskis Country, Alberta

Kananaskis Country, Alberta

Kananaskis Country is one of Canada’s most beautiful places. Located about 200 kilometres west of Calgary, Kananaskis Country offers visitors a chance to experience some of nature’s greatest wonders without having to travel far. With over 10,000 hectares of protected land, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure here.

The region is known for its breathtaking scenery and vast expanses of open space. There are many trails throughout the park that allow hikers to view wildlife, including moose, elk, deer, bighorn sheep and black bears. A few popular hikes include the Upper Vermilion River Trail, the Beaver Meadows Trail and the Canmore Nordic Centre.

In addition to the natural attractions, Kananaskis is home to several vacation towns, such as Bragg Creek, Bow Valley Village, Castle Mountain Resort and Nordegg. These communities offer guests shopping, dining and entertainment options.

7. Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City is a charming city located just north of Montreal. There are tons of things to do here, including exploring the beautiful architecture, eating delicious food, and enjoying some great views. Here are seven reasons why it’s worth planning a trip there soon!

1. Explore Old Quebec

Old Quebec is filled with historic buildings, cobblestone streets and picturesque neighbourhoods. It’s also an ideal location for those who love to shop. The Old Port has been called “the world’s best collection” of shops, bars and cafes.

2. Eat Delicious French Cuisine

Quebec City is famous for its delicious French cuisine. Gastronomes

8. Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

The Sunshine Coast is a popular vacation destination in Canada, especially among Canadians. In fact, many couples choose to tie the knot here because there is something special about the area. Whether you want to spend some quality time with your significant other or just relax, the Sunshine Coast offers plenty of things to do. There are plenty of cute beachside towns, including Gibsons, Powell River, Roberts Creek, Summerland, Lantzville, and Sechelt. You’ll find great shopping, dining, and entertainment options in each town.

9. Niagara Falls, Ontario

Niagara Falls, Ontario

The ultimate destination for a honeymoon, Niagara Falls is one of Canada’s most popular tourist attractions. With stunning views of the waterfalls, there are many ways to experience them, including taking a boat tour, flying above them on a zipline, or even staying overnight in one of the hotels overlooking the falls.

10. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories is one of Canada’s least visited regions. But it offers some of the most spectacular natural beauty in North America. In fact, it’s home to the world’s largest concentration of glaciers. And because of the region’s remoteness, you’ll find little to no tourism infrastructure here. So why go? Because it’s where the northern lights live.

Yellowknife is the capital city of the Northwest Territories, and it’s the perfect place to start exploring the area. You won’t find many attractions here, but you will find everything you need to make the most of your trip.

In addition to being home to the world‘s largest concentration of glaciers, the Northwest Territories is known for its stunning scenery. There are hundreds of lakes and rivers, endless forests, and massive mountains.

You’ll want to spend your days exploring the wilderness, whether you choose to hike, bike, fish, hunt, or just relax. However, you might want to consider staying close to civilization for the night. Yellowknife offers a wide range of accommodations, including hotels, bed & breakfasts, hostels, RV parks, condos, and even cruise ships.

11. The Yukon

The Yukon


The Yukon is one of those places where it doesn’t feel like summer just because of how cold it gets. But when you add in the stunning landscape and friendly locals, it feels like you’ve stepped onto another planet. This is the place to see moose, grizzly bears, wolves, eagles, and even polar bears.

And since there are no cars here, you’re free to explore the territory without worrying about getting stuck somewhere. If you’d rather rent a vehicle, we recommend booking a 4×4 SUV. They’re cheap, easy to handle, and great for navigating the rough terrain. Plus, you’ll find yourself driving off the beaten path anyway, so why not go all out?

For the adventurous, outdoor-lover couple looking for a unique destination wedding, consider tying the knot in the Yukon. With over 300 days of sunshine each year, the region offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature and take picturesque photos. And if you do decide to tie the knot in the Yukons, make sure to check out our list of the best places to hold your ceremony.

12. Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador

Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador


For the couple that truly wants a little privacy and relaxation, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more remote destination than Fogo Island in Newfoundland and Labrador. It’s an island in Canada that is peaceful, seclusion, and incredibly luxurious. Fogo Island is small — about 5 square miles — but it has everything you could possibly want in a romantic getaway.

The luxury hotel is called Hotel de Dream. It’s located on Fogo Island and features four unique suites named after different seasons. Each room includes a fireplace, a whirlpool tub, and a balcony overlooking the ocean. There are no TVs or phones allowed inside the rooms, just pure tranquility.

Fogo Island is known for having some of the best seafood in the world, so there’s one internationally acclaimed restaurant that serves up fresh local ingredients. Called The Fish House Restaurant, it’s run by chef/owner Tim Keating. He’s been serving guests since 1992, and he’s won awards for his food.

13. Banff, Alberta

Banff, Alberta

Banff National Park is the perfect destination for those looking for a little romance and adventure during the snowy season. Located about one hour north of Calgary, Banff offers visitors a variety of things to do throughout the year. From hiking, biking, and fishing to skiing and snowboarding, there’s something for everyone. And even though the weather isn’t always ideal, the beauty of the surrounding mountains makes up for it.

14. Atikokan and Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario

Atikokan and Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario

Atikokan, Ontario, Canada is one of those places where you could spend weeks exploring every nook and cranny, and still feel like there’s plenty left to see. Nestled along Lake Superior, it’s a small town that attracts visitors looking for something a little different.

The area is home to some of the best fishing in North America, and bookings are filling up fast for this unique experience. Guests will sleep in comfortable cabins overlooking the water, before waking up to a full breakfast cooked over a wood fire. After a hearty meal, the guides will take the group out onto the lake to try their luck catching walleye, pike and perch.

Lunch will be served on land, complete with a delicious fish fry. Dinner will be eaten al fresco, surrounded by beautiful scenery and the sound of crashing waves. A bonfire will keep everyone warm as they talk about their catch of the day, and plans for the next few days.

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