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Has the ship ever gone down? Tips and tricks for crusaders

Has the ship ever gone down? Tips and tricks for crusaders

Has the ship ever gone down? Tips and tricks for crusaders

A married couple who had just boarded their white ocean liner and made themselves at home were sitting on the cabin couch with a bottle of wine and watching the German news on the on-board television before dinner. They enjoyed the mild movement of their “temporary home” and looked forward to relaxing days on board. When he heard a strange noise…

It wasn’t very long. But recurring. Sometimes stretched. Sometimes short. Definitely irregular. This mobilized the inner engineer in this German passenger, who immediately had the right strategy ready to solve the problem: “I have to localize the noise!”, he let his wife know and went on a search – listening. There it was again. But too short that he could have followed him.

So he thought systematically: What can produce sounds? The TV! So he examined the flat screen and its cable. Pulled everyone out of the connections. The sound came again. A short scrape. And calm again. Was the Klabautermann at work here?

The matter had to be fixed, because sleep was out of the question. He could already see himself lying in bed, wide awake, waiting for the “next time.”

There it was again. The door to the balcony was firmly closed. The bathroom door too. Likewise all drawers.

The German engineer pricked up his ears again. Could it come out of the closet?

He crept over and cautiously opened the closet door. With the next minimal movement of the ship, which he didn’t even notice, he saw the resounding cause: all hangers were occupied with clothes – except for one. The one on the closet wall. It was empty. And so the metal of the hanger scraped along the wall of the cupboard in the irregular rhythm of the ship’s movement. short. times longer. Depending on the movement of the ship.

So here’s the tip: either Everyone Use hangers or at least use them to empty don’t leave it hanging on the wall unit, but push it between the occupied hangers. Then nothing rubs. And no one has to worry about being “stupid” about the unexplained noise.