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Disruptions for three days in rail traffic in northern Germany: cable fire in Hamburg

Disruptions for three days in rail traffic in northern Germany: cable fire in Hamburg

Rail traffic in Hamburg

Cable fire and defective ICE disrupt the train timetable

An ICE train from Deutsche Bahn in Hamburg-Altona station

Disturbances for three days in rail traffic in northern Germany: first a cable fire on an important route in Hamburg, then an ICE also stops there. This leads to delays in the repair work.

Train passengers have had to be patient since Friday after a cable fire on a busy route in Hamburg. The impairments in long-distance traffic would continue until Monday night, a spokesman said on Sunday afternoon. The work was delayed by a broken down ICE.

The ICE broke down in the Hamburg-Sternschanze area on Sunday afternoon and all passengers had to be taken off the train, the spokesman said. The reason was a technical defect. This then results in further delays. A special vehicle had to check on the route whether the overhead lines had been damaged by the pantographs on the train.

A spokesman had previously expressed optimism. It looks good, he said in the early afternoon. “The work is progressing well.” He assumed the work would end and things would return to normal in the late afternoon. The north was particularly affected by the disturbances in rail traffic.

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According to the railway, a 1,000-wire copper cable was damaged in the fire. That would be very difficult to get back. All communication on this route between the interlockings runs over it, and the points and signals are controlled over it. Nothing was initially known about the cause of the fire.

The transport company advises travelers to find out about their connections before departure on the railway website or by calling the travel information service.

The ICE trains Kiel/Lübeck – Hamburg – Hanover – Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe – southern Germany continued to be canceled on Sunday between northern Germany and Hanover Central Station, the ICE trains Kiel/Hamburg – Hanover – Frankfurt/Main – Stuttgart/Switzerland start or end in Hamburg. The EC trains Hamburg – Berlin – Dresden – Prague end or begin in Berlin. The ICE trains Hamburg – Berlin – Erfurt – Munich only run once an hour between Hamburg and Berlin.

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