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Condor flight from Lanzarote to Hamburg has to make an emergency landing

Condor flight from Lanzarote to Hamburg has to make an emergency landing

Condor flight from Lanzarote to Hamburg has to make an emergency landing
Condor flight from Lanzarote to Hamburg has to make an emergency landing

On the way to Hamburg

Engine damage: Condor holiday airlines from Spain have to make an emergency landing

A Condor Boeing 757 takes off from Lanzarote Airport. On Tuesday, shortly after the start of such a machine, an incident occurred.

Shock moment for passengers of a Condor flight from Lanzarote to Hamburg. Engine failure occurred shortly after takeoff. The holiday plane had to turn around and make an emergency landing.

Anxious minutes had to endure passengers of a Condor holiday airline on Tuesday on the way from Lanzarote to Hamburg. Engine failure occurred shortly after the Boeing 757 took off from Arrecife Airport at 5:19 p.m. Footage from a webcam at the airport shows the plane taking off. Shortly thereafter – the plane can no longer be seen – loud cracking noises can be heard. Flight DE1439 has to turn around.

on star-A spokeswoman for Condor confirmed the incident. However, the 266 passengers and eight crew members were never exposed to any danger. “Our crews are fully trained and prepared for such cases and have decided to return to Lanzarote Airport to have the engine checked technically. This is a common maneuver.”

Condor plane was able to land safely

According to this, the machine was able to land safely again at Lanzarote airport twenty minutes later. While the aircraft is now being technically checked, the passengers have been accommodated in hotels. They are scheduled to board a replacement aircraft at 1:15 p.m. today for their journey home. “We very much regret the inconvenience for our guests and apologize for it, but safety has the highest priority at all times,” said the spokeswoman.


There was already a similar incident on January 7th – also on the flight from Lanzarote to Hamburg. Immediately after take-off there was also a malfunction in one of the engines, combined with popping noises. The pilots had initiated the usual procedure in such cases and declared an “air emergency” in order to be able to land at the alternative airport with priority. Shortly thereafter, the machine had made an emergency landing in Fuerteventura. The 209 passengers and eight crew members were able to leave the machine normally.

Condor flight from Lanzarote to Hamburg has to make an emergency landing

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Incident details

The plane took off from Lanzarote airport bound for the German capital city of Hamburg. The flight was operated by Flybe Airways Ltd., a British low-cost carrier based out of London Gatwick Airport. The Boeing 757-300 landed safely at the Fueguina International Airport in the Canary Island of Fuerteventur.

According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, the incident occurred around 12:30 local time. Passengers described feeling “a big bang,” followed by “loud sounds.” At least one passenger reportedly suffered minor injuries during the incident.

Onboard video footage published online showed flames coming from the right engine. Passengers reported hearing loud popping sounds and seeing sparks flying from the engine. The pilot announced over the intercom that everyone needed to remain calm. After making an unscheduled stopover in the Canary Islands, the plane arrived safely at the Fuegina International Airport.

Aircraft grounded, replacement aircraft dispatched

Airbus announced today that one of its Dreamliners had been forced to return to base due to technical issues. The plane, operated by German airline Condor, left Frankfurt Airport bound for Fuerteventura in Spain on Tuesday morning. At around 12:30 local time, it returned to Germany, where it landed safely at Munich Airport.

According to Condor, the problem occurred during takeoff, resulting in a loss of thrust and forcing the pilots to abort the take off. After landing, the crew discovered that the engines’ oil pressure gauges were faulty, prompting them to shut down both engines.

Condor says that the plane was able to fly normally again once the technicians replaced the damaged components. On Wednesday, the airline sent a replacement aircraft to Fuerteventur, while the original plane remained on the tarmac overnight.

Meanwhile, the FAA has confirmed that it is investigating the incident. While the agency does not usually comment on ongoing investigations, it did say, “We are aware of the situation and we are working closely with our partners at Airbus and Condor to determine what happened.”