Chris Evans Net Worth – How Rich is the Actor?

Chris Evans Net Worth – How Rich is the Actor?

Chris Evans has long been a fixture in Hollywood. Ever since the superhero films celebrated their great moment at the beginning of the 21st century and one film after the other was released, the American can also be seen almost constantly in such film adaptations in the cinema.

First he played the human torch in “Fantastic Four”, later he shone as Captain America in the Marvel universe. Anyone who plays in such commercially successful films earns a lot of money and gradually accumulates a fortune. How rich Chris Evans is, what he spends his money on and what his income was for certain films – that’s what this article is about.

Today, Chris Evans’ net worth is a whopping $80 million !

Chris Evans Net Worth and Earnings per Movie

The famous films from Stan Lee’s comics have made many an actor rich, including Chris Evans. As Captain America aka Steve Rogers, the American was able to increase his income considerably. Evans made “only” $300,000 for his first solo film, Captain America: The First Avenger , but the upcoming films made him really rich.

After the first cinema appearance in 2011, “The Avengers” followed just a year later, one of the most successful films of this century . And Chris Evans also got a nice piece of the pie: His income for this film? Whole $2.5 million . A decent amount of money that the American earned there. By then Evans was a sought-after man in the business.

The Marvel films in particular appeared so regularly that Evans was almost fully booked. His fortune grew from film to film as his fees rose. While he made comparatively little money with his first performance as Captain America, he increased his fortune by another seven million dollars in 2017 with his role in “Infinity War”. Between July 2016 and July 2017, Chris Evans earned $17 million , primarily from professional fees and performance bonuses.

What does Chris Evans spend his money on?

Of course, a man with this income is also happy to spend the money he earns. A bigger chunk of it was due in 2013 when Evans bought a new house. Of course, for a man of his rank it was not allowed to be an ordinary home, but something special. The actor finally settled on a property near Los Angeles, which he bought for just under four million dollars . Among other things, the villa contains four bedrooms and five bathrooms and has celebrity neighbors, including Justin Timberlake .

In addition to the house, cars should not be missing. In this regard, however, the actor is a little more reserved than most of his peers. His fleet includes a Lexus ES350 and a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.

The career of Chris Evans

The American was born in Boston in 1981. He started acting on the advice of his sister. After a few smaller appearances, he had his first major role in the parody Not Another Teen Movie.

Apparently Chris Evans had done a good job, because afterwards it literally rained down on leading roles. After productions such as “Final Call”, “Voll gepunktt” or “London – Liebe des Lebens?” he became known worldwide when he got the role of Johnny Storm in the comic adaptation of “Fantastic Four”. The film itself did not receive good reviews for the implementation of the original, but the “Fantastic Four” were already popular and attracted millions to cinemas worldwide. For Evans, the role as a superhero was worth its weight in gold, as not only did he play the human torch in the sequel, but he would later make a fortune as Captain America.

The Avengers tattoo as a farewell?

In 2018 it became known that the majority of the Avengers cast is also visually committed to cohesion – with a common tattoo! Slightly modified, the “A” of the Avengers is the motif that Chris Evans, Robert Downey Junior and Chris Hemsworth, among others, had engraved.

While it’s not a huge expense for a man of Chris Evans’ income, it does underscore the importance of this franchise to the actor.

In the same year, Evans also announced that he would no longer play the role of Steve Rogers. Although further parts are in the planning stage, he himself would prefer to appear in other films and has approved the role. The payment is unlikely to have been a factor – the seven million dollars for the last Avengers film are more likely to be exceeded than undercut in the future.