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Let's be honest. Daily life is hectic. There isn't much time left over after juggling the demands of parents, children, and several appointments to seek for misplaced keys. You may have considered installing smart locks in your home if you've

A lot of people use the metric system, especially when cooking. But what about measuring ingredients? And how many teaspoons per tablespoon do you really need? We asked our resident nutritionist, Dr. Sarah Koszyk, to help us figure out how

Germany is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. Endowed with breathtaking natural landscapes and filled with manmade wonders, Germany is on the travel bucket list of people around the world. Apart from the beautiful sights, Germany is

  As nice as a tent holiday can be, we still have to do without many luxury items. Fortunately, nowadays there are many handy camping gadgets that make the outdoors more comfortable. Do you also belong to the type of person who

A married couple who had just boarded their white ocean liner and made themselves at home were sitting on the cabin couch with a bottle of wine and watching the German news on the on-board television before dinner. They enjoyed

In the "Today Journal" "It hurts": This is how CEO Lutz wants to get the railway chaos under control Deutsche Bahn boss Richard Lutz commented on the major problems of the group on ZDF   Deutsche Bahn's problems are immense, especially when it comes

How old do I have to be to take the recreational pilot or private pilot written test? To become a licensed pilot, you must meet certain requirements. You must be at least 14 and pass a flight proficiency test. To take

"Boom Supersonic Overture" Flight from London to New York in 3.5 hours - new details of the Concorde successor presented In a few hours, high above the clouds, it's supposed to go overseas. A new supersonic jet, the "Boom Supersonic Overture", with a

follow me Major order for Airbus: Qantas announces the longest non-stop flights in the world The works Airbus A350-1000 with the registration F-WMIL initially flew from Toulouse to Perth in Western Australia in 16.10 hours and then on to Sydney in

general assembly Lufthansa expects full capacity before 2025 and is buying 17 new long-haul jets They are not yet part of the fleet: Lufthansa has ordered a further seven Boeing 787-9 passenger aircraft. Lufthansa could have completely overcome the corona lull earlier

rain protection Waterproof backpack: You should pay particular attention to these criteria Hiking can be fun even when it rains. Provided you are prepared for the bad weather. This includes a waterproof backpack. Even in summer hikers and bikers can be surprised by

Boarding denied Lufthansa refused Jewish passengers onward flight – airline apologizes After almost a week, Lufthansa took a position on an incident after a group of orthodox Jews from New York were denied a flight to Budapest in Frankfurt. The Hessian anti-Semitism

charged Saudi tourist sped down Rome's Spanish Steps in Maserati The Spanish Steps are one of the most famous sights in Rome The Spanish Steps are one of the most famous sights in Rome. A Saudi tourist apparently didn't fully understand their purpose

There is hardly a German who does not know the Ballermann at least from hearsay. The party mile on Mallorca is now 50, allegedly. Cologne residents claim the "invention" for themselves. One thing is certain: the Platja is facing a

protection against infections Will it soon be compulsory to wear a mask on public transport? Still mandatory: mouth and nose protection when using public transport, like here in Berlin. Mask duty off also on buses and trains? The Minister of Transport sees

I'm going on vacation with my sister and my father in a week and I'm afraid they might see my scars. Some are still fresh and I don't know if it works with waterproof make-up. ( I'm still young so

Trial offer for buses and trains Bahn announces the start of sales for a 9-euro ticket – but Bavaria threatens to block the Bundesrat For three months, bus and train travel for nine euros each - what sounds good has been causing

Rail traffic in Hamburg Cable fire and defective ICE disrupt the train timetable An ICE train from Deutsche Bahn in Hamburg-Altona station Disturbances for three days in rail traffic in northern Germany: first a cable fire on an important route in Hamburg, then

The great desire for vacation "Revenge Travel": Now travelers want to catch up on everything they missed during the pandemic The pandemic is not over yet, but the desire to travel is back For two years, travel was restricted, sometimes not possible at