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ESTIMATED VALUE 380Million Euros ESTIMATED INCOME 2022 30million dollars birth date January 03, 1956 (66 years old) Born in Peekskill, New York, USA nationality USA, Australia marital status dating Rosalind Ross (since 2014) job Director, actor, TV producer Full name Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson children 9 (7 sons, 2 daughters) size 1.66 m How rich is Mel Gibson? Mel Gibson comes

Scientific name: Alces alces Subspecies: Alces a. gigas: Alaska (USA), western Yukon, northern British Columbia (Canada), Alces a. americana: Central Ontario, Newfoundland (Canada), Maine (USA), Alces a. shirasi: Southern Alberta (Canada), Idaho, Wyoming, Montana (USA). Distribution: see subspecies Habitat: Open, often already tundra-like landscapes in the north, forests with swamps

Estimated value: €16 million Age: 30 Born: 04/02/1991 Country of origin: United States of America Source of Wealth: rapper Last updated: 2021 Short introduction Quavious Keyate Marshall (born April 2, 1991 in Athens, Georgia, USA) is an American rap artist. Quavo was born into a very normal family in Athens, USA. His mother raised him

ESTIMATED VALUE 62Million Euros SALARY PER SEASON THE VOICE (USA) 10.7Million Euros birth date December 28, 1978 (43 years old) Born in Springfield, Ohio, USA nationality USA marital status married to Christine Teigen (since 2013) job Singer, Songwriter, Pianist Full name John Roger Stephens nickname John Legend children 2 (Luna Simone, Miles Theodore) How rich is John Legend? Over 35 million

ESTIMATED VALUE 145Million Euros birth date February 18, 1954 (68 years old) Born in Englewood, NJ, USA nationality USA marital status married to Kelly Preston (since 1999) job Actor, Singer, Dancer, Producer, Author Full name John Joseph Travolta children 3 (Jett (deceased 2009), Benjamin, Ella Bleu) size 1.88 m How rich is John Travolta? Just like Tom Cruise ,

ESTIMATED VALUE 2.5Million Euros FORMER MONTHLY SALARY 45,500Euro MONTHLY PENSION UP TO 8,700Euro birth date July 09, 1947 (74 years old) Born in San Francisco, California, United States nationality USA marital status divorced from Nicole Brown (since 1992) job Former American football player How much money does OJ Simpson have? So how rich is OJ Simpson really as

ESTIMATED VALUE 210Million Euros ESTIMATED INCOME 2022 30million dollars birth date January 31, 1981 (41 years old) Born in Memphis, Tennessee, United States nationality USA marital status married to Jessica Biel (since 2012) job Singer, actor, presenter, composer Full name Justin Randall Timberlake children 2 (Silas Randall) size 1.82 m How much money does Justin Timberlake have? Justin Timberlake is a real world