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Balearic Islands Party tourism in Ibiza: "It's as if Corona never existed" The DJs are playing again, and the small Balearic island is happy about party tourists - and at the same time suffers from it. 3,500 people dance tightly together in the

Spain, Great Britain, Germany - many countries are struggling with problems at the airports this summer. But not all: Some holiday countries in Europe have made provisions for the travel time. The problems at many airports are not a purely German

Start of vacation in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate How Frankfurt Airport wants to prevent the system collapse Passengers in front of the departure board at Frankfurt Airport in Terminal 1 The toughest test of the summer is yet to come for Frankfurt Airport. A

  As nice as a tent holiday can be, we still have to do without many luxury items. Fortunately, nowadays there are many handy camping gadgets that make the outdoors more comfortable. Do you also belong to the type of person who

On the way to Hamburg Engine damage: Condor holiday airlines from Spain have to make an emergency landing A Condor Boeing 757 takes off from Lanzarote Airport. On Tuesday, shortly after the start of such a machine, an incident occurred. Shock moment for

These are the worst seatmates on the plane That can be annoying: a restless child working on the backrest with their feet. Whether short or long-haul flight, on a business trip or holiday flight: fellow passengers can drive you crazy. We have

Empty oxygen bottles, old tents and sleeping bags as well as faeces: the highest mountain in the world has degenerated into a giant heap of rubbish. Climate change is only making the problem more visible. By Olivier Schulz Those who hike at

packing help These ten outdoor gadgets ensure more comfort outdoors These ten outdoor gadgets can be an outdoor asset Excursions into nature are good for body and mind. Practical outdoor gadgets can be useful companions. It is important that they can be stowed

Former hippie stronghold Kathmandu High in the Himalayas: Nepal wants to legalize cannabis again A Sadhu at the Pashupatinath Temple near Kathmandu in Nepal 50 years ago, backpackers from all over the world came to Kathmandu to buy high-potency hash from the state-licensed

charged Saudi tourist sped down Rome's Spanish Steps in Maserati The Spanish Steps are one of the most famous sights in Rome The Spanish Steps are one of the most famous sights in Rome. A Saudi tourist apparently didn't fully understand their purpose