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Hang loose Outdoor hammock: Let your legs dangle while trekking Hammocks are perfect for a little nap in between. For trekking and camping fans, they are a practical overnight option. Here are some buying tips for adventurers and families. All-inclusive on Malle was

Plus-size influencer shows the problems of severely overweight people when traveling The plus-size influencer posted clips on TikTok A 25-year-old plus-size influencer from Canada documents on TikTok what it's like to travel on an airplane as an overweight person. In the clips

A special kind of bridging days: It's not about skilful planning of vacation days, but about hiking experiences that require a good deal of courage. Because the highlight of a tour in the mountains can be crossing an abyss using

Scientific name: Hydropotes inermis Subspecies: none Distribution: England, France (Introduced from China around the turn of the century). Habitat: Reed islands, grasslands and bushy terrain. Description: Small deer with a maximum weight of 15 kilograms and a shoulder height of approx. 55 centimeters. Basic cover color yellow-brown in summer and

Scientific name: Alces alces Subspecies: Alces a. gigas: Alaska (USA), western Yukon, northern British Columbia (Canada), Alces a. americana: Central Ontario, Newfoundland (Canada), Maine (USA), Alces a. shirasi: Southern Alberta (Canada), Idaho, Wyoming, Montana (USA). Distribution: see subspecies Habitat: Open, often already tundra-like landscapes in the north, forests with swamps