Car hire in New Zealand

Car hire in New Zealand – what tourists need to know

Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand, Campevan
With the campervan through New Zealand – holidaymakers should prepare themselves a little for the adventure

This provides for a self-obligatory code of conduct that numerous lenders have submitted to, as the Foreign Office (AA) writes in the travel and safety instructions for New Zealand. The aim is to reduce the number of accidents.

According to the AA, the number of fatal traffic accidents has increased significantly in recent years. Young tourists are increasingly among the casualties. Foreign customers are therefore given comprehensive information about New Zealand road traffic regulations before picking up the vehicle and are also asked about their level of preparation for driving in New Zealand and their driving experience. In the country, for example, there is left-hand traffic. In addition, distances are often underestimated. The condition and expansion of roads cannot be compared with the conditions in Central Europe.


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