With our tips, the spaghetti will be almost as good as the Italian Be honest: has your pasta with tomato sauce ever turned out nearly as good as the Italian spaghetti Napoli? No? It's not your cooking skills that are to blame, it's your lack of knowledge of the expert

Spaghetti Bolognese, as many people in Germany know and eat it – a real Italian, on the other hand, is unlikel Spaghetti Bolognese is, right after pizza, the most popular Italian dish in Germany and many other nations. But did you know that spaghetti bolognese is never served in

Espresso could be declared a new Unesco cultural heritage. Espresso is simply part of a holiday in Italy and also in everyday life around the world. The Italians think so too and want to have coffee declared a UNESCO cultural heritage. The corresponding application has already been submitted. Drinking a good

The Pizza Margherita with basil, mozzarella and parmesan does not come without tomato sauce. It is best to take chunky tomatoes out of the tin and season with salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar and, if necessary, with some oregano and fresh garlic  Baking pizza at home is easier

The Pacaya Volcano itself is an inhospitable area. It's hard to believe that pizza is regularly baked here  The Pacaya in Guatemala is a highly active volcano. But because the lava here usually flows very slowly, it has become a tourist hotspot. Also because there is a specialty here that is

This is where opinions differ: Pizza Hawaii has always been a source of debate The combination of ham and pineapple is a pizza topping that few Italians approve of. That this pizza does not come from Italy may therefore sound logical. But it wasn't invented in Hawaii either.  It's the pizza

The engines give the plane the necessary thrust so that it can take off  Anyone who has ever flown has probably already observed this: it suddenly becomes quieter in the cabin. What happened - did the engines fail? The most important thing first: If it gets quieter in the cabin,

A burning engine does not necessarily lead to a catastrophe (symbol image) Sitting in an airplane and suddenly one of the engines catches fire should not only be a nightmare for people with a fear of flying. Pro-travel explains how dangerous engine fires on airplanes really are and

Monster waves can be up to 40 meters high and destroy even large ships The Bermuda Triangle remains one of mankind's most intriguing mysteries. Scientists and adventurers are still trying to find out why so many ships and planes have disappeared in the Atlantic between the Bermuda Islands, Miami

This aircraft part is said to belong to the missing MH-370 machine There are always plane crashes that are never solved - whether over the famous Bermuda Triangle or over the Himalayas. Also, because many cases are never processed, there is all the more speculation