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Hunting ground in Turkey

Hunting ground in Turkey

Hunting ground in Turkey

Hunting ground for wild boar in Turkey


Turkey has great wild boar areas in different regions of Turkey. In all places you will find a dense stock of wild boar with many big boars.

The Turks themselves do not hunt wild boar worth mentioning, so hunting is low.

The Turkish wild boar can reach a body weight of more than 300 kg and a trophy between 20 and 35 cm. In the last three years the average length of the tusks has been between 21-23 cm, with individuals in the top class of 25-31 cm.

Turkey has a number of large hunting areas across the country. The preferred hunting areas for wild boar are in Anatolia, around the city of Konya and in the Black Sea region, 2-3½ hours drive from Ankara. Taken together, our partner has around 1 million hectares of hunting grounds. Most of the hunting areas are relatively hilly, with forested mountains, mainly pine, fir and oak, and various bushes such as juniper among others. Hunting conditions can also change in Turkey in terms of weather and food supply and therefore our hunters are taken to the areas where the best hunting results are expected; from time to time it can also happen that the area is changed – even at short notice before departure.

Boar hunt in Turkey (flat rate)

The wild boar in Turkey is significantly larger than its European relatives, both in game and in weapons. Boars can weigh over 300kg and their limbs can reach lengths of around 30cm! The Turks themselves do not hunt wild boar out of religious conviction. Since you don’t keep domestic pigs either, there’s no risk of these strong pigs being diminished by bad genes.


  • Turkish wild boar are stronger than anywhere else in Europe – both in terms of body size and trophies
  • Boars can weigh over 300 kg and their arms can reach lengths of up to 30 cm
  • Turkey has hunting in areas totaling more than 1 million hectares
  • High density of game and it is possible to hunt for wild boar that are not used to being hunted

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The low hunting pressure leads to a high density and opens up the opportunity for hunting strong specimens that are not used to it.

Turkey has access to a large number of first-class wild boar areas, with a total area of ​​around 1 million hectares. The main areas are in Anatolia and along the south coast of the Black Sea, typically from 1000-1500m asl and are formed by hilly highland forest. The hunt is possible both as a stalk or as a hide, depending on the wishes and the condition of the hunter.

Turkey’s local game wardens invest a lot of time in observing the pigs and they all know when the packs are on the run. It is not uncommon to take a number of strong boars in one trip.

Normally hunting takes place in the evening and at night, no wild boar is seen during the day. The hunting guide will pick you up at the hotel every day and take you to the hunting ground, since the individual baiting sites can be quite far apart, you will be taken from place to place and then stalk to the baiting site.

We highly recommend good optics and maybe even night vision goggles.