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June 2022

International Sanctions Unexpected holiday extension: Sri Lanka arrests Aeroflot passenger plane A passenger plane operated by the Russian airline Aeroflot was arrested in Sri Lanka. It is an unexpected extension of the holiday trip: in Sri Lanka, authorities have confiscated a plane belonging

Travel to and from London Ryanair insults South Africans with knowledge test: If you don't pass, you can't fly Only those who pass the test get in: Ryanair is criticized after a test for South African travelers Because some travelers are traveling from

Thousands of stranded tourists Travel chaos in Europe - that's what air passengers are facing Long queues at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol In Europe, the travel chaos is taking its course. The staff shortages at airports have led to a number of cancellations. Thousands

9 euro ticket Bahn in the stress test at Pentecost: "Many Bahn employees are already walking on their gums" Overflowing platforms on the Pentecost weekend at Hamburg Central Station After the Pentecost weekend with the 9-euro ticket, a staff representative from Deutsche Bahn

suitcase organizer Less effort, more order: why packing cubes belong in every suitcase Packing Cubes come in all shapes and sizes Packing-Cubes are like a mobile wardrobe when travelling. The practical clothes bags sort the luggage in suitcases or travel bags, so that

First test One week 9-euro ticket: The transport industry draws a mixed balance Leipzig (Saxony): A woman walks along a regional express at Leipzig Central Station stress test passed? The great rush for the 9-euro ticket has raised fears of the great chaos

entry Young Australian experiences nightmare when entering USA - because he did not know an important rule Australian tourist detained at airport (icon image) Thought he was well prepared, 23-year-old Jack Dunn failed to enter the United States and endured a disastrous night

staff shortage Lufthansa, Eurowings and Swiss have to cancel hundreds of flights in July Many Lufthansa flights are canceled in the holiday month of July Many Lufthansa flights will be canceled in July. People want to travel again after Corona, but there is

air traffic and bird migration Peaceful coexistence in the sky: when ornithologists notify the Luftwaffe Cranes cross the Hermon Mountains in the border area between Lebanon, Syria and Israel Israeli Air Force jets are grounded when storks, cranes or lesser spotted eagles pass

Difficult arrival Before Hurricane Festival: Metronome prohibits handcarts on the train It could look like this or something similar on the train platforms next weekend when you arrive at the Hurricane Festival (archive photo) The Hurricane Festival will take place in Scheeßel in

New concept Designer designs double-decker rows of seats for economy class in airplanes Animation of the "Chaise Longue Economy Seat" concept Could the rows of seats in economy class on airplanes look like this in the future? A designer is convinced his double-decker

Hang loose Outdoor hammock: Let your legs dangle while trekking Hammocks are perfect for a little nap in between. For trekking and camping fans, they are a practical overnight option. Here are some buying tips for adventurers and families. All-inclusive on Malle was