14 animal photos guaranteed to make you laugh

14 animal photos

14 animal photos guaranteed to make you laugh

Our absolute favorite photo among the finalists at this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is this shot of a snake laughing its head off.

The world’s funniest wildlife photos are chosen at the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. From the 42 pictures that made it into the final this year, we will show you our 14 favourites. Bet the photos make you laugh too?

The competition was created six years ago by photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam. Anyone can submit photos, the competition is held online globally. According to the initiators, the aim is to remind people of the importance of species protection in a playful way. On October 22, the jury, consisting of twelve environmental activists and photographers, will choose the winner of this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

But you too can vote for the winner. The Affinity Photo People’s Choice Award is solely based on which photo gets the most votes here. On the website you can also see the rest of the pictures that are in the final.

You can see our favorite photos here:

Photographer Gurumoorthy K called his shot of a posing Indian chameleon, taken in the Western Ghats of India, “The Green Stylist”
A nudge on mom – this cute shot was taken in Russia 
This gray seal is having fun all alone in England 
The caption of this photo is “Ouch”. We can absolutely understand. 
This gosling peeks its head out from behind a branch in London’s Lee Valley Park for a brief moment as photographer Charlie Page presses the shutter
“Don’t worry, be happy,” seems to be saying from this creature, which is actually a dragonfly. The photo was taken in Germany.
An otter in Singapore “bites” its baby otter to teach it to swim Photo:
“Shaking off 2020” is the title of this photo of a pelican in Louisiana (USA) 
“Summer is probably over,” thinks this pigeon in England, whose view is disturbed by an autumn leaf 
This kangaroo seems to be warming up for its grand entrance at the opera 
Whether this Californian ruby ​​cockerel was a role model for the “Angry Birds”? 
A Ligurian monkey swings its hips between its fellows 
“I jump the highest” – these could be the words this mudskipper yells at his relatives. The picture was taken in Taiwan.