10 spectacular photos from around the world

10 spectacular photos

10 spectacular photos from around the world
whale and diver
Karim Iliya’s photograph ‘Two Worlds’ gets an Honorable Mention: Diver Brianna Zurlo ‘plays’ with a giant baby humpback whale. 

The fascination of our earth in impressive worlds of images: the “Siena International Photo Awards” have been honoring the most spectacular snapshots from all over the world every year since 2015. In nine categories, the winners were chosen from thousands of submitted photos from all corners of the world. 

An elephant that makes it clear who owns the wilderness, magically sparkling fireflies and a pack of wolves that eats the carcass of a musk ox: the winners of the renowned “Siena International Photo Awards” (SIPA) photography competition have been announced. More than 40,000 entries from almost 160 countries – the international jury had their hands full selecting the most spectacular photographs in the various categories. We show the winning photos from three categories.


travel and adventure

The winning photo in the “Travel and Adventure” category shows that even a critical view convinces the jury of the “ Siena International Photo Awards ”. Russian Sergey Savvi’s picture entitled “This is My Jungle” shows an angry elephant attacking a jeep in Sri Lanka’s Yala National Park. Probably because the safari tourists ventured too close to his territory and disturbed the giant.

Elephant attacks jeep in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka
Holiday horror: The winning picture also raises the question of whether animal welfare is disregarded on safari tours. All too often the jeeps get too close to the animals – the drivers hunt elephants, leopards and the like rather than the tourists being able to observe them from afar.
Hammock under starry night sky

In second place: “Swamp Motel”. The American Mac Stone is a passionate photographer of swampy landscapes. Since dry soil is scarce in these wetlands, he prefers to sleep in a hammock

Children Center

Third place goes to Antonio Aragon Renuncio for his photography “Desire for Knowledge”.

The beauty of nature

A photo by Shirley Wung from Taiwan took first place in the category “The Beauty of Nature” . It’s like something out of a fairy tale: twinkling fireflies atmospherically illuminate a piece of forest in the dark. Incidentally, the fireflies send out light signals with the help of so-called luminous organs on their abdomen. This bioluminescence is part of their mating ritual and is used for communication between sexually mature males and females. The latter are unable to fly and attract the flying males with their light signals.

Shirley Wung took first place with her image Green Light Forest

In second place: “Sandstorm” (“Sandstorm”) by Johannes Lochner. The photo shows three hyenas, a jackal and two elephants during a sandstorm in Chobe National Park. 

Third place goes to Domenico Tripodi for his photo titled “Aliens”

animals in their environment

A very special perspective: The nature photographer Ronan Donovan has hidden a camera in the carcass of a large musk ox in the Canadian Arctic. For over a month, a pack of ten wolves kept returning to the carcass to feed. The resulting photo, “Food for Weeks,” took first place in the Animals Around Them category.

Wolves eat carcasses
Ronan Donovan landed on the podium with a very special perspective
elephant and lion

Roie Galitz secured second place with “Elephants last Embrace” (“The Last Embrace of an Elephant”)

Third place: “Flying in the Rain” by Nicolas Reusens Bodén. 

Both amateur and professional photographers are recognized at the Siena International Photo Awards. Try your luck yourself once you have captured a very special moment photographically.