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Anyone can write about travel – but it’s generally only those bloggers who write in a way that engages that can cultivate a following of thousands. Here are our top tips for writing inspiring destination content to set your blog apart from the rest.

Show, Don’t Tell

One of the crucial lessons any writer can learn is that it’s more important to make your readers ‘see’ than to simply tell them. This doesn’t mean filling your posts with photos – it means writing in a way that allows your audience to build a picture in their own minds, as though they are experiencing what you’re describing for themselves through senses, actions and feelings. You don’t need to go overboard with adjectives and long-winded descriptions to achieve this. You can make your readers ‘see’ by using sensory language and being specific about details. It can take practice, but once you master the art of showing your audience the story you’ll find your readers are a lot more connected and engaged.

Consider Your Reader

You’ve been on the trip of a lifetime, and you’re excited to chronicle every delicious detail. If you want to inspire and engage your audience, it’s vital as you tell your story to think beyond simply the what/ where/ when of what you did, and consider what your readers are most interested in. Are you writing for hip young professionals who are looking for information on luxury escapes, or families looking to squeeze the most adventure out of their shoestring budget? Angle your tales of travel around what your readers are most interested in reading about and you’ll win over an engaged fan base who keep coming back for more.

Be Approachable

Want to connect with your readers and build a relationship that has them obsessed with your stories? Be yourself. Be approachable, write like you talk, and imagine you’re writing posts for your friends to cultivate your most authentic and engaging voice. Being human is a great way to create a meaningful connection with your fans, and being yourself means you’ll engage in a style that’s all your own, and in a voice you can sustain for many adventures to come.

Tell the Untold Story

The world is a big place, and while there are almost countless cities, towns and remote destinations a blogger can write about, it’s often the major travel hotspots that are rehashed time and time again. The trick to inspiring your readers is to take them on a journey they haven’t yet experienced or read about elsewhere. You can, of course, achieve this by writing about the further-most corners of the globe – but if that’s not practical, you can always take them on an entirely new journey by finding and telling the untold story. Think about an angle that hasn’t already been explored. Bring your own unique experience and point of view into your writing. Give your readers an unexpected twist that will excite them, engage them, and inspire them to continue exploring your content.