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The ability to geotag posts and display them on a map is a no brainer for travel bloggers, and there have been a number of plugins developed to enable this functionality, but we were not happy with the existing options, in part because most are no longer supported. For this reason we have developed our own plugin, Travel Post Geotagger.

With the Travel Post Geotagger plugin you can easily geo tag your posts and display them on a map. You can display a map showing the location of a specific post, or you can display a map showing all geotagged posts in a given category (or categories) or for a given tag. The fully responsive maps can be embedded in any page or post with a simple shortcode. The plugin is very simple and we are currently making a demo how-to video to explain how it works.

Developers can also support this plugin to dynamically include maps on category pages as we have done with our latest Travel Geeks theme.

If you have any questions or feature requests please comment below.