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Going silent for even a few weeks can spell death for your loyal following – but no blogger can be expected to travel 365 days a year to keep their content fresh. Wondering how you can keep your site up to date and continue encouraging readers to check back between journeys? Here are our top 4 tips…

Feature Previously Posted Content

Don’t be afraid to recycle content and feature older posts that newer readers might have missed, or loyal readers may have forgotten about. You can do this one of two ways, depending on how your blog is set up and your preferences:

  1. Automate with a featured post plugin that will push your old post back up to the top of your content list for a set number of days
  2. Create a new post with a new intro and key image, linking back to the old post. Your intro could explain why the old post is timely, or offer new and updated information.

Top 10 Lists

The reason so many bloggers write Top 10 (or Top 3, or Top 5, or Top 50) lists is that they’re popular. When you kick off your post with a clear indicator of how many points you’ll be covering, readers know what they can expect before skimming a single paragraph. They also know your points are going to be broken up into easily digestible bites, which encourages them to click through if the subject of your list appeals to them.

You can write a Top 10 list about pretty much anything – and its simple structure can make it easier to knock the content out when you’re short on time or waiting for the muse to strike. For example:

  • Top 10 Destinations for Adrenaline Junkies
  • Top 10 Things I’ve Learned About Frequent Flyer Miles
  • Top 10 Local Delicacies I’ve Sampled on the Road
  • Top 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Visiting [Country/City/Town]
  • Top 10 Places to Party When You’re Travelling with Your BFF
  • Top 10 Dive Bars to Grab a Beer
  • Top 10 Destinations Every Muso Must Visit
  • Top 10 Pointers for Getting By When You Don’t Speak the Language
  • Top 10 Ways to Get More Sleep on the Plane
  • Top 10 Locations to Propose to Your Girlfriend

Travel Tips and How To Guides

Like Top 10 lists, How To and instructional/ insider tips posts are extremely popular – not just because your readers want the skinny on how they can make the most of the travel dollar etc, but also because ‘how to’ do a specific thing is frequently typed into search engines – making these types of posts gold for SEO if you’re writing about something few other sites have covered.

In terms of structure, you can offer a specific number of tips, or take readers through a step-by-step process. In terms of content, you can create a How To or tips-style post out of almost any idea:

  • How To Pack One Suitcase for an All-Weather Journey
  • How To Hitchhike on Your Next Trip (Without Getting Murdered)
  • How To Take a Stress-Free Road Trip with Your Family
  • 5 Tips to Save Money on Hotels in [City]
  • My Best Tips to Plan an Itinerary in Less Than One Week

Write About Your Life at Home

When you’re used to writing about your adventures skipping the globe and exploring far-flung locations, blogging about life at home can seem pretty uneventful. The thing is, when you give your readers a glimpse behind the velvet rope, you make yourself even more engaging, endearing and likeable than you already are.

You don’t have to write a 600-word missive on how your recent trip to the supermarket was more perilous than that time you went white water rafting in New Zealand’s South Island… but you could look to build an even greater rapport with your fans by sharing insights into your current plans and research, things you’re doing to save for your next trip, and inviting comments from readers about places they’ve loved visiting or would like to read about.