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Want to get more eyes on your blog, increase your readership and influence, and create a loyal platform that you can leverage when monetizing your content? Social media is a great space to gain exposure and get in touch with your right people. Here are the basics of increasing your reach online and building a devoted fan base.

Be Findable

Make it easy for your fans to find you and link to your social accounts – everywhere. From within the content of your blog posts, from your blog navigation, in your blog’s footer, in your email signature… you get the idea. The more opportunities you create for your existing readers to stumble across your Facebook page, your Twitter account or your Instagram feed, the greater your following in social spaces will become.

Join the Conversation

Social media is exactly that – social! Which means it’s crucial to join the conversation online and be active in that community. No SM influencer exists in a vacuum, so take some time away from your WordPress dashboard to chat with likeminded users on your favorite social networks. Follow those already talking about travel – including fellow adventurers, tourism operators and even other travel bloggers – and add to the online discussion with your own thoughts, tales and recommendations.

Use #Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to reach your target audience, so don’t be afraid to use ‘em. Think of tags as a means of highlighting what your social content is about, so keep them highly relevant, and don’t overdo it with too many. You can also expand your reach by posting content relevant to popular hashtags – such as #TBT – to expose your brand to people who haven’t yet read your blog.

Be Searchable

Users of social media are looking for interesting people to follow, so ensure your profile content is peppered with relevant keywords to allow them to find you. Like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works to help your blog content appear in search engine results, optimizing your social media profile copy will help people to find you when they search for travel bloggers on Twitter and Instagram.

Consider SMM

Social media marketing has become increasingly popular among brands that understand the power of social spaces, and want to enhance their chances of reaching relevant SM users.

Like other digital advertising platforms (such as Google AdWords), the beauty of social media marketing is twofold. The first key benefit is that you only pay for measurable exposure and/or clicks, meaning your advertising budget is stretches further. Secondly, when setting up your social media marketing campaign on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you set the parameters of the users you want to target – meaning that your brand is only exposed to those people most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Be Active

It’s impossible to build a social media following if you sign up for an account and fail to use it. To increase your reach it’s vital that you’re actually active in those spaces, posting, tweeting and ‘gramming frequently while liking and responding to the comments of others.