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Looking for inspiration from some of the most popular and successful travel blogs currently sweeping readers away on tales of adventure? Reading travel blogs can help make you a better writer by exposing you to new ideas and styles, so we’ve rounded up 6 of the best to add to your own online reading list.

Lost Boy Memoirs

Lost Boy Memoirs is one self-proclaimed corporate escape artist’s collection of travel posts, videos and photo essays, chronicling four-years of adventures on the road, and learning how to be a semi-permanent nomad. Covering destinations including Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, Oceania and North America, it also offers a selection of introspective and inspirational posts about his personal journey, and how travel has changed him.

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The Blonde Abroad

Recounting her travels to 5 continents/ 45 countries and counting, The Blonde Abroad is the travel memoir of a California native who left a career in corporate finance, a luxury apartment and two walk-in closets to begin traveling with a backpack and a shoestring budget. Typically traveling on less than $50 a day, you can explore her posts by destination, travel tips, activities and interests.

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Finding your niche in a sea of travel blogs can be tricky, but 12hrs nails it with their cleverly-condensed guides to exploring a destination in just half a day. Geared towards people who love to travel – but also love design, and fashion, and art, and want to discover more of it while on the road – 12hrs offers a see-it-all extravaganza of guides, journal entries and photo stories. Itineraries are broken down into manageable chunks of time to show how a jam-packed flying visit can be achieved.

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Alex in Wanderland

Celebrated by Flipkey and Viator as one of the best travel blogs around, Alex in Wanderland is the ongoing story of a freelance writer and designer who left her native New York in 2011 and has not had a permanent address since. Having started blogging to document her two-month trip to Southeast Asia the summer of 2009, Alex fell head-over-flip-flops in love with the adrenaline of travel, and realized there were people out there truly living a nomadic lifestyle. Readers can explore her adventures by destination, obsessions and confessions.

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Nomadic Matt

From the author of the New York Times best-selling book, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, Nomadic Matt aims to help readers travel more while spending less. Inspired by the experiences of travel junkie who didn’t take his first trip overseas until he was 23 – then quit his cubicle job set out on an adventure around the world – Matt’s philosophy (which he learned from backpackers he met in the city of Chiang Mai) is that you don’t have to be tied down to a job and you don’t need to be rich to travel.

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Travels of Adam

Travels of Adam is a gay travel blog, covering the coolest cultural things to do around the world and offering travel stories, nightlife tips, photos and personal stories of travel adventures around the globe. Written by a graphic designer who quit his job in Boston to take a trip around the world before taking up permanent residence in Berlin, readers can explore Hipster City guides, travel destination posts, and by theme such as art, food, festivals and tech.

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